100 Sexy Things About Me

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I made my 100 Things About Me list a while ago, but thought it would be cool to make a 100 Sexy Things About Me.  I hope you enjoy my list!  And just to mention:  this is not every sexy thing about me, just 100 things.  This is also in no particular order. And AWAY we GO!

1– I’m in an open BDSM relationship with my loving Master, @Macula_Pravus.

2- I adore impact play.

3- I am an adult entertainer by trade.

4- I have a “little” side, which generally comes out when we do pet play.

5- Master and me love doing pet play.  Often as a kitty, sometimes as a pony.  For bedtime: as a lemur.  >.<

6- I love leather.

7- I’m an exhibitionist, not a voyeur.

8- I enjoy being able to serve, not just my own Master, but others too – when Master allows.

9- I am not perfect by any means, but I guarantee I will always try my very best.

10- I am Master’s slave.

11- I wear a permanent locking metal collar that only comes off for medical emergencies, or if I need to go through the metal detector at the airport. 😉  (Stupid modern day getting in the way of my lifestyle!)

12- I adore being bruised so severely that the bruises last for days.

13- I love sucking Master’s cock.

14- I only feel pretty when I am serving in some capacity.  This has nothing to do with my body (which I love), I just cannot feel truly beautiful unless I’m serving.

15- I like swallowing piss.  Other’s piss, really.  Sometimes Master will just let me practice swallowing his piss. It is hard to swallow as fast as it comes out, sometimes.

16- I adore bondage, either partial or full, with ropes or restraints.  I just love it.

17- I never feel truly dressed without a pair of nipple clamps on.

18- I adore feet.  This includes worshiping them, kissing them, licking them, tasting them.  Basically: anything I can do to them!

19- Sometimes as a special treat, Master will get me a disposable littler box to use.

20- I am only allowed to tinkle in the litter box.

21- Mixing food and sex = squick to me.

22- Which is odd, because sometimes Master and me have “practice” piss swallowing sessions, and THAT doesn’t squick me.

23- I adore covert bondage.  Sometimes Master will tie my hands together inside a big bulky sweatshirt or something, so no one knows but me.  It’s rare though.

24- There is very little sexier than being on a leash.  I really love my leash, it makes me feel so “low” and “beast-like”.

25- I am a masochist.

26- We keep our house at a minimum of 75 degrees, but normally closer to 80, so that I can be naked a lot.  Even then, I’m still nearly always cold and snuggled up in a million blankets.

27- I love hirsute men.

28- But oddly, prefer women shaved.

29- There is nothing like the taste of Master’s load first thing in the morning.

30- I adore dacryphilia.  It took me a long time to be OK with it, but if I trust the person I am playing with enough, I will often cry.

31- Public play scares me.  This isn’t because I don’t want to play in public, but more because I am worried about offending someone or getting into trouble.  >.<

32- Master almost never allows eye contact when we play, but usually when I am cumming he orders me to look him in the eyes.

33- There is nothing better for making me feel calm than a gag of some kind.  I adore ball gags especially.

34- Master and me love pony play, and he has taught me several pony positions. 🙂

35- I’ve tried to convince Master to let me be a puppy for a little while (not permanently, maybe just a scene or two) but he is a “cat person”, so it’s not going to happen.

36- I am very eager to try suspension.  Hopefully with ropes first, but one day I would love to be able to be suspended by hooks.

37- Though I am into piss, I am not turned on by scat.

38- I love cum.  When I say love, I mean it.  I’m not talking about the act of cumming (which is fun too!), but rather, the cum itself.  I like rubbing it all over my pussy when Master is done filling me with his load.  I love tasting it.  I adore facials.  Mmmm. 🙂

39- As it turns out, I tend to stutter and lose myself in sub-space.  Funny the things other people point out about you, but if you need me to say something that isn’t short and sweet I get so lost.

40- I’ve always known my heart was torn in threes, and I’m on the look out right now for that other missing piece.

41- I adore tape gags.

42- I like being treated as though I am nothing but an object.

43- I also adore forniphilia, which has only a little bit to do with the above statement.

44- Being granted permission to cum is nearly as sexy as being denied permission to cum.

45- Master is trying to train me to walk in bondage ballet boots right now.  I can only stand up while wearing them if Master allows me to lean heavily on him or the wall. 🙁  That is actually a pretty major improvement though.

46- I adore the look and feel of PVC clothing.

47- Latex too.  Ooh, yes.  Latex.

48- Oddly, I have a hard time orgasming if I think the cat is watching me.

49- Yet, if I am on cam I think I cum faster and harder!

50- Master used to have me fill out a BDSM checklist about every six months or so to see if I was developing any new interests in anything, or losing interests in old things.  It was starting to become a pain in the bum though, and we went about a year and a half without filling on in.  Two weeks prior to writing this, he had me fill another one out, which was fun.  Of course, then I had about five or six of my cherries popped, and need to go through that whole 22 pages AGAIN!  Maybe it’s time to give up?

51- I earned my favorite paddle at a photo shoot.  The photographer told me that he would give me the paddle he had (he made it himself) if I’d lay across his lap and allow him to spank me with it.  Eager, I jumped in his lap, and steeled myself up for a couple good thwacks.  What wound up happening though was a couple “wet fish” smacks, which I barely felt.  I guess he was too scared he’d hurt me (story of my life!).  Bonus:  I did get to keep the paddle though. 🙂

52- I’ve been on a blind date with a piss fetishist once, and at the time, I wasn’t into piss.  That was…  Awkward.

53- One time, Master tied me to the bed with my wrists secured right above my head, and my legs pointing directly to the bottom corners of the bed.  He blindfolded me, and then put a sign up (which I could not see) which said “Do not touch the slave”.  Then, the doorbell rang and probably thirty or forty people showed up!

54- I love boot worship.  But, for me, it is far more about worshiping at the lowest point of the person I am serving than it is about actual boots.

55- I adore knowing that Master is so much stronger than me.  That there is no way for me to escape him.  That the ropes or bonds are all just decoration, and that he owns me completely with only his voice.

56- Forced homosexuality doesn’t work for me.  You can’t force the willing!

57- I used to adore wearing all sorts of clothing: underwear, bras, accessories, skirts, frilly low cut tops.  I see little point now.  I’d MUCH rather be nude.  I’d move to a nudist colony if they weren’t all full of old people who wouldn’t understand my markings.

58- I’ve recently really unlocked the secret to what makes me squirt.  I never really understood it before, so I was never able to replicate it on my own.  Basically, I need intense, very hard, g-spot pounding.  Not being able to reach my g-spot on my own until recently, I could never do this unless someone else was playing with me.  I can do it on my own now.

59- Squirting doesn’t really enhance anything for me though, and I never even know I am doing it!  It is something that I only do with g-spot stimulation, as I mentioned, and I only know I’m doing it if I feel it squirting my foot or running down my leg – or Master tells me.

60- I’m still working on getting over my fear of squirting, and with the right person I feel less bad about it.

61- I love eating pussy.

62- But I don’t really like having mine eaten.  I don’t think it is for lack of skill on my partner’s parts though, it is just that I would always prefer a toy, or a cock, or fingers to a tongue.

63- I want to be fisted so badly!  Why is it that every person who is willing to try has huge hands though. :,(  Anyone with small hands want to apply? 😉

64- I adore both humiliation and degradation – receiving, of course.

65- Master has trained me to know many Gorean positions (we are not Gorean, but enjoy the positions!), but he has also trained me to know a couple of other positions he has created.  These positions usually go by numbers, though some do not.  My favorite one is 31.

66- My favorite sex position does not have a name, or at least, if it does, I am unaware of it.  Basically, Master kneels up on his knees, and I do about a half-bridge.  He holds my legs up and pounds me that way.  I LOVE this position, because it is amazing on my g-spot.  AMAZING.  *Ahem*

67- I name all my toys because I can’t bear the thought of fucking something without a name.  Some of them wind up keeping the same name the manufacturer gives them (the BonBon, the Goddess dildo, Mr. Softee…), but more often than not I give them more exciting names.  The Hitachi is named Alistair (after a certain Dragon Age hunk!), my favorite vibe at the moment looks like a seal, so I named it Celia, and I have an anal dildo who goes by the name of “Bubba”.

68- I do not like to be snuggled after sex.  After regular orgasms is fine, but I don’t really like to be touched at all for a good ten or fifteen minutes after sex.  They say that masochist’s nerve systems is wired differently than most.  This might be why I’m like this, I don’t know.  Touching me right after sex always makes my skin crawl.  I put up with it anyway.

69- For us, BDSM and other sexy activities are definitely not kept within the confines of the bedroom.  It is not unusual to see me doing laundry with nipple clamps on, or playing video games with a gag in.

70- Remember how I said I have a hard time climaxing when I think the cat is watching me?  It’s the same with my plush pigs.  I can’t stand to think of them looking at me.  >.<

71- Master always has me take my kitty ears off before he penetrates me, or beats me.  He says I remind him too much of a real kitty, and he can’t bear to even think about hurting or fucking a cat.  I do not blame him.

72- Master knows by body better than me sometimes.  He’ll know I’ll getting close to cumming and remind me to ask permission first, or else tell me I’m not allowed to cum yet – and I won’t think I’m close.  Then, the minute he mentions these things to me I’ll realize that I am, in fact, close.

73- Master really enjoys pervertables.  In general, I could take them or leave them.  There’s really only a couple of things which were not meant to be kinky items we have that I actually enjoy.  One of them is a silicone baster over a wooden handle, and the other is a set of heavy wooden salad tongs.

74- I’ve never had an orgasm in my sleep, but I regularly have dreams where I am having sex or pleasuring myself.  As soon as I begin having an orgasm, I will wake up, and finish the orgasm in the waking world.  And no, Master’s not usually home when this is going on, so he isn’t feeling me up when these dreams occur.  At least, not usually.

75- I love vibrators.  I’ve got a very sensitive clit, so even Alistair (My Hitachi, remember?) has an additional plug-in controller that we use to set it much lower than he is meant to run.

76- Speaking of vibrators, I keep my favorite waterproof ones in my bathroom, on the tub.  A girl’s got to have a way to cum underwater, doesn’t she?

77- During my menstrual cycle, Master encourages me to masturbate to climax as much as I can, with or without his permission, including when he is not home.  This is because he has read several reports which say that orgasms increase the speed of your period.  Depending on how many orgasms I manage to “bang out” (excuse the pun), I usually manage to cut a day off my period.

78- I adore soft, tender moments – followed by viciously cruel sadistic ones.

79- Is there anything sexier than having your hair pulled?  (The right way!  There IS a right way!)

80-  Okay, maybe sucking cock is sexier, but hair pulling is a close second.

81-  I am polite, and a lady, (and I love the taste of cum!), so I always swallow.

82- I call Master’s load “special kitty milk” and beg him to let me have some all the time.  Mmmm. 🙂

83- I have no gag reflex.

84- Oh, and speaking of the fact that I have no gag reflex, yes, I can still choke (if not given enough air for long enough), but I do not gag.

85- Also speaking of my lack of gag reflex, Master enjoys it when I suck on his fingers. We sort of use it as a “signal”.  Yes, I do suck his cock when he asks, but sometimes when we are not playing, I will crawl to him, and suck his fingers all the way down my throat.  This means “kitty wants to suck your cock dry!”  Master almost always obliges me.  🙂

86- I can get my legs behind my head with ease!  However, the position is not really as great for sex as it sounds, and actually reduces feeling for me during sex.  So, we don’t bother.  It’s still a neat party trick.  (What, the parties YOU go to aren’t like that?!)

87- My elbows can touch behind my back.

88- Speaking of which, I adore strict bondage.

89- While it is true that I would never try to escape any bondage Master put me in, there is something so very sexy about being completely and utterly helpless.  See #88

90- While I am permitted to cum as much as humanly possible during my period, and while Master and me do have some sex (mostly in the shower), blood actually squicks him, so we don’t have nearly as much sex during that time of the month as I would like.

91- Though I decided I really enjoyed anal stimulation a few years ago, I’ve really only ever had an actual penis in my ass twice.  No one ever believes me.  Master likes it, but he is terrified of causing a tear or something (his cock is quite girthy).  Still, I’m slowly working my way up in butt plug sizes, so hopefully we can do more of that soon!

92- I have a recent love of tea bagging.

93- I adore.  Absolutely adore, being called a “good kitty”.  Easiest way to go from zero to subspace.

94- Master and me are video game geeks, and YES we have had sex while one or both of us is playing a video game.  (Truthfully, I’d rather do it without, but you know, there’s something to be said for different experiences.)

95- I do not switch.

96- I cannot orgasm standing up.  Or, at least, I’ve been unable to yet.

97- Biting my neck – actual toothy bites, not sucking – will collapse me quicker than a pound of bricks to the head.  Master tries to make sure I’m already sitting or laying down before he does this to me. 😉

98- You know, it really is easier to just ask me what I don’t like.

99- I love giving and receiving massages.

100- I adore tit spankings. 🙂