Gooood Morning! ^^

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Ooh, it is monday, and you know what that means, don’t you?  It means I’m back to my normal, productive self!  lol.  Oh man, am I glad to be back to work today.  That sounds weird doesn’t it?  But, I really like what I do, and I also like contributing to the house.  ^^  So, after I write this entry, and after I do my workout, I’ll be ready for workin’.  I’m all excited to use my new lingerie and stockings I got recently.  lol.  Silly kitty, I know.

Okay, both Master and me feel like this was a pretty productive weekend.  We bought a stepping stool which is something we had been planning on for a while, and now I can reach all the shelves around here.  Seriously, it’s nice to be able to reach the Tupperware shelf without waiting for Master to come home, or having to disturb him.  <3  I made good use out of that stool, and totally reorganized the kitchen.  Master moved a few things around in our bedroom as well, so things are starting to look pretty damned spiffy.

Turns out that cyst that ruptured isn’t totally gone yet.  I was supposed to go back to urgent care if it wasn’t gone by this past friday.  I talked to Master though and told him that the pain didn’t feel bad enough to me for urgent care, so he is going to call our regular doctor today and make an appointment.  Don’t get me wrong, the pain isn’t stopping me from doing anything at the moment, but the fact that the stupid thing hasn’t resolved itself yet means I have to be seen again.  I am SO hoping when I go to the doctor they tell me how to prevent them, because this is the second one I’ve ever had, and like I said – the pain was crippling.  The urgent care doctor hinted that it might just be a genetic thing that you can’t do anything about.  Cross your fingers for me.  Ugh.

Yesterday I told Master I thought I was ready to take my first stiletto heels test.  lol! 🙂  The deal is, I have to make it all the way to the mail center without tripping or stumbling.  I did a decent job, but wobbled when we were about three quarters of the way there!  Dammit, I was super disappointed.  I’m going to try the test once per week though.  I’ll get it eventually.

Mew mew mew mew mew mew mew! ^^

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  1. You did great for your first attempt at walking to the mail center. You'll get it right next week. I just know it!

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