21-February 2010

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Good morning world, and all who inhabit it!  lol. 😉

Yeah, feeling a lot better, the both of us really.  We’re just puttering around the house today doing nothing in particular.  Yesterday went pretty well.  We messed around with the bondage tape. 🙂

Yep, I can get my elbows together. 🙂

I’m not the sort to brag about my abilities in BDSM, or anything really – but I AM proud of this, I have always been able to get my elbows together.  It’s one of the first questions always asked of me if I go on a fetish photo shoot:

“Can you get your elbows together?”

Yeah, most ladies can’t, but I’m flexible as all get out. And I’m proud of it, so I had to show a picture once we were messing around with the tape.  So far, I am loving this stuff.  I’ve never seen or played with bondage tape before.  Usually we use rope, or restraints..  But this stuff is SWEET!  It is like really thick saran wrap, and it doesn’t have any sort of stickiness to it at all.  It doesn’t stick to anything except itself, so it won’t snag your precious lingerie, or stick to your hair.

And, it is STRICT!  You  CANNOT get out of this if applied correctly.  When I say correctly,  I just mean, if you apply enough wraps.  For example, if you put ONE WRAP around my wrists, I will be able to break out very easily.  If you put four or five though, I’m not going anywhere. 🙂  I love this stuff for its strictness.  I know a LOT of slaves and submissives are happy with loose bondage, and being told to just “sit still”.  Not me.  I like to feel like I truly could not escape if I tried.  I know I have a lot of friends who feel the same way, so I’d highly recommend this tape to either kind of person.  It really just depends on the application.

Just a view of the actual tape itself. It’s really sexy and shiny. ^^

We also have black and pink, but we haven’t broken those out yet.  Maybe we will soon.  I hope everyone has a great sunday!  Mew mew mew.

4 thoughts on “21-February 2010

  1. That’s one of the standard Hypermobility tricks that I actually can’t do for some odd reason.
    I hadn’t seriously considered the tape before but now I might. You make it sound so fun and now that I know it won’t trash my skin I’m so tempted.
    The red looks good on you.

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