8 thoughts on “Not to get too TMI-ish…

  1. Awww, those goggles are too cute!!!

    As for the question….uh, cold compress and ice cream? Sorry, I'm a guy; I have enough trouble figuring how my own body works :-P

    1. Lol! It wasn't a question. ;-) It's what I *actually* do. You put the piggies in the fridge, and the water inside them keeps them cool when you apply them to your skin. Feels gooood. :)

  2. LOL Sorry, we are short handed today and I'm doing 3 things at once. Guess I didn't read that properly ;-)

  3. Oh, it's a pig! Thanks I couldn't tell. It didn't quite look like Hello Kitty…
    I've actually never thought of using one of those sinus/eye puffiness masks on my forehead. Great idea. Way cheaper than those fever/migraine cool gel sheets.
    Where do you find all this cute stuff?

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