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It’s monday!  Omg, what a crazy go nuts weekend Master and me had.  On Saturday we managed to get some better pictures of the prairie dogs while out on our walk.

Prairie Dogs
More Prairie Dogs

We also got pictures of other wildlife 🙂

Apple Pig!
Zen Master

And a few more pictures for good measure. 🙂

ACHT! Sweat pants picture 🙂
Aww <3

It was cool to have gotten to a new part of the trails where there were tons of ducks!   They were so pretty, and it was just awesome.  This place never ceases to amaze me.   I feel like we’re just so close to/surrounded by nature on all sides.  That’s something I never felt living in Massachusetts.

Yesterday was Steak And A Blowjob Day!  http://www.steakandbjday.com/ if you don’t know what the holiday is all about.  Technically, we should have celebrated yesterday, but it had to wait for today because we bought a car with this past paycheck, and honestly, things were tight.  So yeah, Master’s getting a steak tonight, and gee, I wonder what else.  It’s a holiday we’ve been celebrating for a few years now, and we weren’t going to just skip this year.  I know Master can’t wait to get out of work in two hours nonetheless.  He he.

Mew mew mew.

11 thoughts on “3-15-2010

    1. Lol! 🙂 I always bring him unless it is raining or otherwise nasty out. 🙂 (Although, he sits in the backpack most of the time!)

  1. Wow look at all the wildlife! Pigs and kitties and masters and ducks and dogs..teehee 😉

    and I think I like that holiday!! hmm….*scratches chin* Well, D got slaami and a blowjob instead! *giggles*

  2. Daddy and I are also celebrating today!!!!! The meat market where the "good steaks" are was closed on Sunday.

    1. Awe! Long distance is always so hard. When I first started dating Master it was a 2 hour train ride to see him. *hugs*

      1. Right now it's a 2 hours bus plus another hour or so on the train. No fun at all. But it's worth it– this kitten's just happy not to be a stray anymore. *hugs*

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