I won a toy! ^^

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Echo the Dolphin!

Last week I won this dolphin shaped toy!  I named it  Echo (After that video game you probably played as a kid.  Yeah.  Geek!)  Anyway, the fact that you can stick the toy to walls or slick spaces was just too cool to not post about.  ^^  We played with it last night, and let me just say that Echo (really called the Whirly) was a ton of fun.  If you’re wanting your own, they sell them over at www.vibrator.com, but I’m not planning on reviewing him since I won him. 😉  Just HAD to share this, he is so cute and soft and NICE!  ^^

10 thoughts on “I won a toy! ^^

    1. I entered a contest. I think I had to post about my favorite summer memory, then I got randomly picked. 🙂

  1. Okay, now the name makes sense (I remember the game from my childhood). And here I thought you named it that because it was loud 😉

    1. LOL! No, it doesn't vibrate at all, it's just a dildo. 🙂 Still, that beak can work wonders. XD

  2. Hehe, he IS really cute! I got a really good idea if there was a vibe version of it- you make it vibrate and the way it moves is like its swimming through the sea!

    xx MM

      1. You could try and make it crawl- good for a giggle if you're not really in the mood, hehe!

        xx MM

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