U.S.S. Barnyard Adventures

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The box that my thigh high ballerina boots initially came in was HUGE.  Really huge.  Applepig had been complaining that he wanted a space ship, and on a whim Master made him one last night.  One of my favorite things about Master is that he is not too serious.  He can have fun and be playful, and that’s what the little things like this really show me.

He even drew little controls inside, and there was space for Biggle Piggle!  I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that the fun ended at the construction of the ship.  They had all sorts of fun last night, and are still in the ship right now.  I’ll go to the bathroom or something and when I come back out, the ship has magically MOVED!  Ha ha ha.

We’ll do this sort of thing a lot, not necessarily make ships or elaborate toys for the pigs, but we’ll make them talk or act out things.  Silly, perhaps, but why does life always have to be so serious?

Small details matter.  <3

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