Can you show me what your groceries are like?

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Yesterday I got a very cool question!  Here it is:

“Can you post a picture of the groceries you bought next time you go shopping? I’m curious about the vegan alternatives you buy (and i’m a visual person) and you always seem to be eating cool things.”

I thought it was a cool question, so here it is!  We didn’t buy much meat/dairy for Master this time around (his choice) so I removed the few non-vegan items.  Here’s a couple pictures since I couldn’t fit in all in one shot:

This picture has some multigrain bread we just got from the farmer's market, plus the few processed things we got today. <3 I don't tend to eat a ton of processed foods, but as long as it is vegan, I don't really have a huge problem with processed foods here and there.
Mmm, fresh veggies! Golden beets, peas, cauliflower, summer squash, zucchini, mushrooms, apples (red and green), broccoli, spinach, red leaf lettuce, green leaf lettuce.Red beets, Master's cereals which I couldn't fit into the other frame. lol, Green beans.Red beets, Master's cereals which I couldn't fit into the other frame. lol, Green beans.
Red beets, green beans, some of Master's cereal which wouldn't fit into the frame. =^.~=

So yeah, that’s our groceries for the week.  The veggies themselves we bought from the farmer’s market and spent $20 on it.  Seriously.  20 bucks bought us all that food, which I will now demolish in the next week.  ^^  Thanks for your interesting question!  It was fun taking pictures of all our food.  <3

Feel free to ask me more questions on formspring. =^.~=

18 thoughts on “Can you show me what your groceries are like?

  1. One of my favorite subjects! :) I have never tried fresh beets before. All that veggie goodness made me so hungry, I just put a big pan of root vegetables in the oven to roast. (I am in love with the Gardein products but don’t get them very often. Too yummy!)

    I <3 veggies!

    1. Awesome. ^^ As you can see, I echo your veggie statement! lol. Master and me never had fresh beets before moving here, we get boxes from the farm once per week, and they included beets once. We had to try them, and are in LOVE now. I agree with you on the Gardein products. We try not to get them too often. Maybe one or two boxes a week, or I’d live on them.

      <3 <3

  2. Eeeeee! that was meeee (La La/ Siren/ K)! :) I posted my groceries on facebook. Thanks for posting!

  3. Oh yeah- what is that small bottle in the first frame?? I think you should also post what you make with the vegtables! I also want to see the vegan cheese :)

    1. Hey K! :)) The small bottle in the first frame is Master’s heart burn remedy that we buy from the local apothecary. It’s a vegan herbal tincture that really really helps him. :) I’ll have to take a picture of the vegan cheese and post it too! :))

  4. MEW! I wish I could eat all those veggies! :) Me and D are slowly but surely moving away from a lot of processed foods and shit like that. I found these awesome Japanese candies that I want to send you ;) One of them for sure though isn’t vegan :( It has milk powder and lactose in it. The one is all in Japanese, but it’s just sugar teehee. I may have a kitty friendly box for you in a few weeks!! :D

    1. Aww you’re so sweet. <3 You so don't have to do that though!

      Yeah moving away from processed stuff is hard, was really hard for me in the beginning, but I love it now. :)

  5. i’m trying to cook later on tonight!! It’s gonna be tough, but i’m really excited about fresh veggies, since i usually don’t get them. i’m really surprised those were so cheap! i better check out the prices at my own local farmer’s market : ) you have inspired me to add cauliflower to the grocery list, at least : P

    1. Good luck with your cooking. :) Yeah, the farmer’s market is really cheap usually. MUCH cheaper than your grocery store. Always worth a look. :)

  6. Hey kitty quicky question and or for anyone who can answer. My master hates squash but he won’t try it plain is there a vegan way where I could hide the squash I really want to trick him into it but I really don’t want to be pushy with him since he is not vegan and I am. Please please please tell me I’m really struggling, oh kitty if there was a way I would send you dozen boxs of fresh veggies from my garden all natural vegan garden I get lad of veggie that go to waste here
    little kitten

    1. Hi Little Kitten! :)

      Hmm, I’m not usually a big fan of hiding things, because it seems like a lie to me. Master was never a fan of squash though until I blended it for him. You might try that. Cook your squash as normal, then scoop out the seeds and strings, and place the rest in a blender. You can add a little fresh garlic, a little vegan butter, some veggie broth, and then blend. I like adding nutmeg. It is SOOO good. :D He may like it simply because it doesn’t have the texture of squash anymore. Worth a try!

  7. Little kitten, i know i’m not kitty, but i bet you could grate up some squash and put it in pasta! i’m thinking there might be vegan tomato sauce, but i’m not vegan, so that idea might not be useful. my mom used to trick me that way, though, since the squash looked like little pieces of spaghetti.

    1. Hi Curioussub! :)

      Just so you know, most tomato sauces are vegan. :) Unless they have some weird ingredient like cheese in them or something. ^^

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