Learning To Fear Common Objects

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The following is a small excerpt from our sexcapades last night:

Last night, Master tied me to the bed in a spead eagle position with the tie-downs so tight I could not move.  I enjoy being in such a vulnerable position, and I was curious what was coming, because he doesn’t usually tie me in this way.  He did not blindfold me, but he did put a metal O ring gag in my mouth.  The O ring gag is too big for me, not the gag itself, but the straps which connect it to my head.  This means that I have to hold onto it tight and not let go, even when the gag itself is cinched down to the smallest hole.  (We keep meaning to alter the gag, but haven’t done it yet.)

I watched as Master walked over to the dresser, and picked up the lint roller.  I laughed inwardly.  Ha!  A lint roller?  What’s he going to do with it?  Make sure there’s no lint on my panties?  I smiled.  He smiled back.  Then, I watched as an evil grin spread across his face, and he started to unroll the tape and tear a square off.  I still did not feel threatened.

“Oh no!  Not tape!”  I thought, in a sarcastic tone.

He walked over to me, and placed the tape sticky side down on my left arm.

“Psssht.  He’s going to tear it off now,”  I thought.  “I’m not worried.  I never have a problem removing band aids, and those have stronger adhesive.”

Master continued to grin, and then – very slowly, he started to take the tape off.  I do not know what overcame me, but, this was one of the most painful things I’ve had to endure.  I’ve had my ass beaten until I had little blood dots, and purple welts.  I’ve had my skin cut open, I’ve been tied in uncomfortable positions for long periods of time.  But this?  This was not something I’d expected.  It took him probably a full minute to remove the tape he was going so slow.  It felt like hours.  For the first piece, I could not stay still.  I flailed around as much as my bonds would allow, and the O ring gag fell right out of my mouth!  After he removed the tape, he put my big vinyl gag in, and did the other side.  I was a bit more subdued, but it hurt a LOT.

My arms are not very hairy.  The hairs there are fine and blonde, and they usually go unnoticed.  I’ve asked Master before if he wanted me to shave or wax them, but he always tells me no.  They are generally fine and light enough that they aren’t very visible.  WOW.  I am always surprised by the creative things Master thinks of to do to me which do not leave a mark.  >.<

And THAT is how I learned to fear every non-kinky object in the house.

8 thoughts on “Learning To Fear Common Objects

  1. ooh wow that sounds hot girl! lol I am telling you it really is the most common things you can find that will turn out to be the most fun.
    sorry I haven’t been around in the last couple days, i’ve been in internet break mode! i’m actually off right now to write a new blog 🙂

  2. Master isn’t big on things like that even know he knows I have high pain tolerence. Though he does like the whipping 🙂 and bondage is always good, we have a collection of cuffs going on now which are my faves hehe

  3. Oh man, I hate it when I have to remove tape from my arms or legs. Since I’m a guy, I’m hairy and man does it hurt!

    1. LOL! Yes, it did indeed hurt. I think I was lucky because I have very fine/light hair.. But still. OWIE! 😉

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