How The Kitty Got Its Spots

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"A Leopard Cannot Change His (or her) Spots"

Two nights ago, Master was playing with my new Advanced Nipple Suckers.  There is a clip attached to a rope that goes over the top of the couch, and falls down towards the cushions where you sit.  It is a bit difficult to explain, but, imagine that I was positioned in such a way that my tits and tummy were on the seat of the couch cushions, and my knees were on the floor.  My wrists were in their wrist cuffs, which were connected to the hook that comes down from the top of the couch.  This position works pretty well because I’m vertically challenged (I refuse to say that I am short!).  It may not work as well for a taller person.

At any rate, Master knows how humiliating I find the nipple suckers.  When they’re on my nipples it is far less of an issue for me.  I expect them to look silly.  However, when he puts them other places like on my back or tummy, I feel downright silly.  They don’t particularly turn me on in other places, and they do little to cause pain.  With my tits mashed into the couch though, I knew he was going to put them all over my back.  I didn’t protest.  I just accepted that it was going to happen.

As he began, I did my best to block the suckers out, because I know they make me feel ridiculous.  Master got excited as he was playing with me though, because my skin started to make red marks all over it.  He loves the look of marks.  >:)  At the time, he had no idea how long the marks would stay there though, and neither of us thought anything of it.  At one point, I could hear him licking the suckers to get the suction feeling to be more intense.  We finished playing, and I didn’t think anything of it for a while.

The next day, as Master was tucking me in, he noticed that I was stillcovered in red spots!  He snapped a picture.  I could not believe it!  I don’t look at my back at all during the day really, so I had no idea they were there.    I immediately panicked.  We’re having two very special people over for play this weekend, and I’m going to look ridiculous.  Well, more ridiculous than normal.  It is so odd how I will willingly show my butt, thigh, tit, and calf bruises – yet, showing these spots is so humiliating for me.  Part of me is hoping that by posting them online instead of waiting for people to come see them tomorrow, it’ll help me get over how silly I feel I look.  I still am a firm believer that if something is difficult for you to do, you just need to do it more often.  Thus, this post.

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