The Throes Of Pleasure

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A Picture of the box. Apologies for the poor picture, the box is plastic, and therefore hard to take pics of with my cam. 🙁

If you’re like us, you like messy spontaneous sex.  In the past we’d have to wash our bedding constantly between sweat, lube, and both male and female ejaculate.  Sometimes sex felt like a messy inconvenience, but it was just too fun to cut back on.  *Wink*  Thanks to the wonderful sex toy store, MyPleasure, those worries are a thing of the past.

I’ve had a few Fascinator Throes before, and this one is different than the other two I have.  First off, it is about the same size, 4″ by 5″, and it is totally reversable.  One side is a soft, fuzzy microfiber.  The other side is a plain black satin.  It’s slippery on the bottom and both sides feel luxurious against the skin.  One major bonus to this throe?  Leopard print.  Soft, fuzzy leopard print.  Score.

Picking the throe up in your hands, it is stiffer than most blankets, but it softens up a bit with time and washes.  The thing which makes this blanket so amazing, and so useful for squirters and messy sex alike is the unique core.  The core of the blanket is somewhat crinkly, but it also absorbs vast amounts of liquid, and refuses to let anything leak through to the other side.

Master has a tendency to be a bit of a clutz (he admits this heartily) and we’ve been known to put a throe down as a rug in the middle of the living room purely for this reason.  More than once he has spilled a drink on it, and not only does the drink never ever soak through to the other side of the blanket, but everything that’s been spilled has always washed up easily in the washing machine.  This includes soda, tea, honey – you name it, it comes right out.  The MyPleasure website mentions that massage oils or silicone based lubricants have a tendency to stain the fabric.  I do not have any silicone lubricant or massage oil right now though, so I could not test that.  I highly recommend that you use caution using these things around your throe.

Here is a view of the throe from the top as well as the bottom. You can see the soft luxurious satin, and the sexy, fuzzy leopard side.

When washing this throe, we don’t use any special detergents.  We do put this in the dryer on delicate, as recommended.  Using high heat can shrink the throe, unfortunately.  Whether you enjoy messy sex, or just want to have sex without having to wash your sheets constantly, you really can’t go wrong with having a couple of these beauties around the house.  I highly recommend them.  5 dry paws!

Thank you so much, MyPleasure, for allowing me the opportunity to try out this throe in exchange for a fair and honest review. <3

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  1. I love the one I just got sent for review from MyPleasure, but I’ve found it slips around the bed a bit with the leopard side up.

  2. How is it that you review every toy I’ve requested a week or two before I do??? I think we’re kink twins. Great review, as always! I love mine too 🙂

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