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A couple of months ago I entered a contest and won the Rainbow Amor Dildo.  While I definitely do not review each toy I receive from contests or purchase on my own, the rainbow Amor was too cute to not show you all.

What you have here is a modestly sized dildo.  It is 5.5″ long, and 1.5″ in width.  This toy would be wonderful for a beginner to toys, or maybe someone who is working their way up in toys for anal play.  The entire thing is made from solid silicone, and it is gorgeous to behold.  Hand poured, each color of the rainbow is brightly displayed and there are no seams or anything of the sort in the toy.  The toy simply has the colors built right in!

Since the toy is silicone, you can use this with a partner (if you clean it properly), and it will last you a long time.  All you need to do is bleach it, boil it for a minimum of three minutes, put it in the top rack of your dishwasher without soap, use a toy cleaner, or use soap and water if need be.  Just make sure that you use ONLY water based lubricants with the Rainbow Amor, as you don’t want the surface of your toy to degrade.

Rainbow Amor Dildo

I found the Rainbow Amor to be perfect for lots of different things, and found one surprisingly different way to enjoy it.  One night, while Master and me were playing, he decided to use the Rainbow Amor.  He blindfolded and gagged me, and after some choice impact play, proceeded to enter me with the Rainbow Amor (Who I named Petry)!  Petry not only felt great inside, but due to his small size, I found that I actually enjoyed him more with the curve facing downwards.  I don’t normally like toys like that inside me, but when we were done playing, Master informed me that I reacted a lot better to Petry when he put him in me like that.

Vaginally, this is a great toy.  The silicone is matte, so you may need a tiny bit of lube to get it in.  It is also very firm to the touch, so despite the smallish size, he still feels wonderful in me.  Squeezing the toy with my fingers, the silicone depressed a little bit, but not too much.  The head of the toy is slightly pronounced, and because of this, I found that I enjoyed it a lot with my Liberator Pulse.

I also enjoy Petry in my ass.  For me, this toy verges on the large side for me, and I definitely have to very generously lube it up to get it inside.  I take my time and go very slow, as the silicone provides a little bit of drag.  All in all though, I find it to be a very filling and satisfying toy, even if I’m not advanced at anal yet.

While the toy is definitely harness compatible, I have not tried it this way yet.  I do not have a partner who is into pegging, but the base of the toy is well built and I am sure this would be a great choice for a beginner to pegging.  Any harness use should be fine too.  Don’t limit yourself to pegging, my any means.

The last thing which I noticed about this toy, is that for me, the base of the toy functions as a suction cup, though it isn’t meant to.  It sticks well to any surface that is smooth and slick.  I’ve managed to stick it to my wooden table (which has a glossy sheen to it), the refrigerator (admittedly, just to see if it could, I haven’t used it like this yet), and of course it sticks well in the shower too.  I do love toys with a suction cup base.  Sometimes I get silly and when I am done thoroughly cleaning it, I stick it to my mirror instead of putting it away in a drawer.  Though, I would not recommend that if you have room mates.

Truly, this is a fun toy to keep on your shelf, and an even more fun toy to use!  I highly recommend it to all and am giving it five paws:If you’d like one of your own, remember, it is a Babeland.com exclusive!  You can’t get it anywhere else!

This toy was not given to me in exchange for a review.  Rather, it is a part of my personal collection, but I chose to review it anyway.

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