Deer? Bunneh? I Can’t Decide!

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New Ears!

 The Mewtique hasn’t seen any action in a while, in terms of getting new items in.  Well, ear lovers rejoyce because I’ve got an adorable pair of ears for you all.  These were based off of a custom order I did, but I decided to change the pattern up a bit, and now they remind me of deer ears or bunny ears.  I really can’t decide which these are!  I think the color choices are what will determine this for you.   These ears come in the standard white/grey combo, but you can change it up!  Make them red and green for Christmas, make them purple and orange.  Whatever takes your fancy!  The back of these are one solid color.

Back View

As always, your ears are 100% hand sewn by yours truly.  I usually get them out in a couple of days, but it can take up to two weeks (depending on how many ears are in front of you), so bear that in mind when ordering.

I also would like to announce that I have an Etsy store.  I don’t usually talk about it much, because there’s an extra fee every time I sell ears through them.  Still, as some people prefer to purchase their ears through a feedbacked site, I decided to post the link publicly.  Also, if you have an underage friend who can’t access my site but would love a pair of ears the Etsy store is great for them. 🙂

So have fun, and don’t forget that if you’ve got an idea for a custom set of ears, I’d love to hear from you!  Mew!


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  1. Might I suggest in order to aid discerning what type ears these may be you could add a tail. If these are bunny ears, the tail could be a cottontail on a butt plug. If deer ears, a whittail on the butt plug. worn together, it becomes a more complete costume.

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