Candy For Your Sweetie

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Here is a curious little device.  Are you into kink, and sweets, and want to combine them somehow?  Laying eyes on the Jawbreaker Gag, I was a bit torn.  I don’t really tend to like hard candy (it’s terrible for your teeth!), but the fun aspect of combining candy and sex seemed cool to me.  Another thing  about me is that I usually do not enjoy food of any kind during sex, but I’ve made a couple of exceptions over the years.  This seemed like it would also add a fun aspect to our age play, which we do not normally sexualize.

The gag is relatively simple for anyone with an average jaw to take.  The diameter of the ball is about 1.5″.  If you have a small jaw, this may be too big for you.  However, if this fits in your mouth but is a little bit uncomfortable, worry not – the candy will whittle down as you suck on it making it easier and easier to take as time goes by.  There are lots and lots of holes all along the shaft, so this will fit quite a few heads as well!

The strap of the gag is made from PVC, while the buckle is aluminum.  I really appreciate how the strap is PVC because it means that it is much easier to clean than leather or pleather would be.  Neither the website, nor the packaging this came in indicated what the ingredients are for the jawbreaker itself, so be aware of that if you have food allergies.  One thing is certain: the gag does contain sugar, according to the Babeland website.  Sugar isn’t an issue if this is just staying in your mouth and going nowhere else.  However, bear in mind that if you are going to put this on yourself or a partner, and then have the person who had the candy in their mouth perform oral sex on a vagina, the receiver could wind up with a yeast infection.

When we decided to use this for the first time, it became apparent quickly that this jawbreaker gag does make me produce a lot me saliva than most of my other gags.  We found that it was less of an issue when I was face down or standing up, because the sugar and drool from the gag will spill forward from my mouth.  (Okay, gross if you don’t like spit)!  However, if I was laying on my back, I had an issue with having a hard time dealing with all the saliva and I’d start to choke.  I highly recommend avoiding putting anyone on their back if they have this gag in their mouth, and watching them like a hawk even if you don’t.  You also would be well off to establish a safety signal for the person who cannot talk.

The strap itself is a thin PVC.  It works wonderfully for what it’s meant to do and is thin and flexible enough to be comfortable.  For the most part.  I will say though, that if you have a large jaw, or, as the candy itself diminishes and your mouth is more closed around the ends of the straps – they have a tendency to dig into the corners of your mouth a little bit.  I do not really mind this personally, but many people will.  I did not have the straps cut me at all, which is a problem I have with many gags in general.

Strap Of Gag

Now, what does the candy itself taste like?  Well, it tastes pretty much like a regular jawbreaker.  It’s sugary and has multiple layers of candy flavor.  I found that the beginning of my jawbreaker tasted like blue raspberry (which I don’t really like), but faded away to a more plain sugar sort of flavor, and melted into others as well.  At least if you don’t like one flavor, more are on the horizon.

Unfortunately, there’s really no way to replace the jawbreaker once you’re done.  You could drill a hold in a new piece of candy, but that’s difficult and not within everyone’s reach.  If you like the gag itself, your best bet at the moment is to buy another one.

Jawbreaker Gag

Overall, I did like this, but it’s not my go-to gag, or even in my top three.  It tastes good and does what it’s supposed to though, so I’m going to give it four paws:

Thank you so much, Babeland, for allowing me to try out this gag in exchange for an honest and fair review.


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  1. Thank the lord for you! You don’t like food in the bedroom either! Wahey! Normally when I tell people I don’t I get funny looks!

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