We’re Here!

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Note:  I wrote the following this past Monday, the 7th, but my laptop would not connect to the Internet, and I could not post it until now.  I decided to leave it as-is though, and not edit it.  The chronology is still correct, just a bit out of date.

We’re all moved in, and as I type this, I am giving myself a small break from all the unpacking.  I finally have a couple of minutes to blog, and it feels good.  Halloween night Master and me spent the vast majority of our time doing the last minute packing, and to be honest, the packing itself did not finish to 100% completion until yesterday when we turned in our key.  There were a couple little bits and bobs here and there that needed picking up and removing from drawers, etc.  We did get it done though.

I have to say that this was genuinely the most difficult move Master and me ever had to face, but at the same time, we also managed to do it completely by ourselves, and I never panicked once.  OK, maybe I did before the initial packing – but after that, I had no worries.  We found most of our boxes on Craigslist, and didn’t have to buy any.  I packed things day and night, and when the time came to do the moving, Master and me really banded together to get it done.

Tuesday morning, the morning of the first, we showed up at our new place bright and early.  We were having the washer/dryer delivered and installed at 9AM.  Of course, right now Master’s phone only works if we have an Internet connection, and we didn’t get a call from the washer/dryer guys.  We were precisely five minutes late, because we got lost in the complex we were in, yet the appliance guys were totally cool and really nice.  Later, once we got our Internet up we noticed we had quite a nasty message from them over our lateness, and how we’d not be getting our washer/dryer that day.  Nice.  Super nice. At least the truck guys were not angry.  I was shocked that being five minutes late would anger someone that much.

Anyway, we went upstairs to our new apartment, which is on the third floor, and of course the door was unlocked AND the key to our new place was wrong.  Super nice.  We let the washer/dryer guys in, and Master stayed upstairs with them to show them where stuff went/settle up the bill, and talk to them.  In the meantime, I went downstairs to unpack the car to the best of my ability by myself.

I got about half of the car unpacked by myself before the appliance guys left, and then Master came down to help me.  I unpacked one or two boxes and sipped on water while I waited for Master to wrestle with the Comcast guys over our cable.  Fun times.  Eventually, our Internet started to work, and we headed down to tell the front office about our key situation, how we couldn’t lock the apartment, and how we needed a mail key.  They were ridiculously on top of it.  We turned around to head back to the apartment (in a car, no less) and by the time we got there, the guy was already installing our new lock!  Talk about speedy service.  Our new key in hand, we locked up and rolled out to get more stuff.

The rest of the day was pretty dull, lots of unloading and reloading the car, driving back and fourth.  By about the third trip my legs were turning to jelly mainly from all the stairs (a second floor to a third floor).  We kept going though.  We actually ran seven loads of stuff back and fourth, which is a pretty sweet amount of boxes, I think.  Two of those trips were mainly for the cats, who we opted to bring last that day so we wouldn’t have to lock them in a small room for most of the day.  At least at the old place, they’d have a bit more room.

Serenade was fun, as usual, but a bit scared I think.  We sang “100 Bottles Of Milk On The Wall” the whole way here.  If we stopped singing, she mewed sadly.  Sabrina was not soothed by talking or singing, but Master put a Harry Potter audio book on, and that quieted her down by about half, which was good.

That night, we crawled into bed after 11PM, and were both exhausted.  It had blizzarded during our last trip back to the new place, and was very difficult to drive in or see anything at all.  Master and me were both scared, and were just lucky to be home safe.  We even skidded on ice a couple of times.  Not fun.

The next morning, Master got up early and tried to get his car out of the space it was in, but he couldn’t.  The car was completely glued into place by the ice, so Master called in and decided to work remotely.  At that point, we were both super tired and I admit I spent most of the day just standing still.  Moving hurt my calves mainly, because of all the stairs, the rest of me was in fine shape.  At that point, my wrist was absolutely fine, and holding up superbly.  Rock on!

We had no groceries or food in the house at that point (aside from tasty, yet not too filling, tea) so we went to our favorite Chinese place for dinner that night.  We must have eaten enough for three people.  Crazy.

On Thursday I waited for Master to come home, and then we ran boxes.  Thursday we only got one carload because of all the ice that was still everywhere, and Friday we didn’t do any loads at all.  We were both physically spent, and decided to just try to straighten up the apartment for the movers who were coming in the morning.

Saturday morning, Master bought me a latte, and we got some breakfast at Starbucks before meeting the movers at the old apartment.  My job was basically to finish the random packing (empty the last couple drawers, and get the last few things in boxes), while the men loaded up the truck.  They were actually moving at a good clip, and got the boxes and the furniture all packed up within an hour and a half.  We were thrilled, and went down to the car, so they could follow us to the new place.

That’s where we starting hating on the movers.  Getting out of the complex, they drove at about 2MPH.  No joke.  No exhaggeration.  It took us nearly ten minutes to get out of the complex alone, and it should have taken maybe three.  Once we got out onto the road, they refused to drive faster than 30 MPH.  This included on the highway.  Master and me had to continually pull over so they could catch up, and we barely got above 40MPH because we were worried we’d keep losing them.  Fucking wonderful.  The thing is, we drove a much larger truck out here, at 75MPH most of the way – from Boston to Denver.  We had a lot more stuff at that point, and honestly – we knew they were dicking us.  Plus, driving that slow on a highway is just dangerous!  We were pissed.  Their excuse?  Our stuff was supposedly “Too heavy to accelerate with.”  Right.  Scam someone else.

When they finally got to the new place, Master started to help them out.  The movers couldn’t bring a dolly up three flights of stairs for obvious reasons, so they had to carry our boxes up by hand.  I tried to stay out of the way the best I could.  The rest of the boxes that were left were really heavy – we’d already gotten the light ones ourselves.  I did some dishes and mainly made sure that Master’s tea and soda cups were full, respectively.  At the end of the day, there were still a couple of little things which needed doing, but we decided to unpack a bit and crash early.

Sunday we had a lot to do.  We had to go back to the old apartment and finish cleaning it up so that we could turn in our key.  We had two car loads left of miscellaneous (but not heavy) stuff.  Vaccuum, grill, porch stuff, cleaning supplies, bucket, mop, litter box, etc.  We ran one load to the house, and bought tickets to see Puss In Boots that night!  Master got me a hot chocolate, and we went back to finish up cleaning and turn in the key.  We managed to get everything done in about an hour, and ran home to get Apple Pig.  I packed Apple Pig in my purse and we bought some popcorn before getting our seats for the movie.  It was a fun movie, but definitely not as good as I expected.  We were both entertained, but mildly disappointed too.

We drove the last carload with us to the house, and I made dinner for Master, while he hung some things up on the wall.  Luckily, we’re going to be able to put our bondage rig up in this place!  The only rules they have against screwing things into the ceiling or wall is that we have to fill in the holes ourselves when we go.  Yeah.  Pretty sure we can handle that. 🙂  (We did at the other place!)

Sunday we also managed to have sex twice, which we were both very glad for, because with all the moving, we’d honestly been too exhausted to eat let alone play each night.  Tonight, we’re expecting about six inches of snow, and we’re both excited.  We love the snow anyway, but having all our boxes here is awesome.  Nothing to worry about for now, just Master, me, and the kitties. 🙂  Thursday night we’re going to the midnight release of Skyrim, so I’m pretty excited for that.  We’re both been waiting for this game for a long time.

Mew mew mew!


*     *     *

Here we are now, on Wednesday.  I didn’t feel like posting two separate posts.  The past couple of days have gone well, but Master and me are clearly exhausted and not all that recovered from the big move.  We have been falling asleep around 8-9PM each night, and when Master gets home, I still focus for the most part on unpacking, minus sex and eating dinner.

Last night I gave Master a bath.  Basically, I just drew it for him, lit a candle, put some epsom salts in and turned the hot water on and off as he wished.  There’s something relaxing about doing even simple little things like that for him.  His muscles are super achy, while I’m just generally fatigued and have no muscle pain now.

This place is getting unpacked pretty quickly, mainly because of me – which is wonderful.  Today I sort of hit a brick wall though, and I honestly have done almost nothing.  A couple loads of dishes (I do them by hand now), some laundry, and one and a half unpacked boxes.  I spent most of the day on the couch staring off into space (tv).  Master is really sweet, and points out that eventually fatigue was going to set in.  I am hoping that tomorrow I am peppier than today.

Tomorrow we’re going to be staying up all night for the midnight release of Skyrim!  =^^=  Master and me are super eager for this game, so it is something we’re both looking forward to.  I will even get to drink caffeine all day to get to past midnight.  Woo hoo!

The other day, the freezer thawed (but is fixed now) and all of our frozen food got ruined.  Some of it was salvagable, most was freezer burned or worse.  We didn’t figure it  out till dinner time, and I am willing to bet that it was like that long before.  Ask me what we’re having for dinner tonight.  Go ahead, ask.  I have no idea.  If it were up to me, we’d have a house elf by now.


7 thoughts on “We’re Here!

  1. Glad everything went okay! I know about the stairs we are up on the top level (3rd floor) and when we moved boy was it exhusting! Now when we get stuff delivered we always here a complaint about the stairs! lol

    1. Oh and on a side note our laundry is down stairs in the garage… so I have no idea what these delivery guys are always complaining about! lol

    2. Thanks @MomoNoHanna! We are so relieved to be here finally. I don’t mind the third floor usually, I think the only time it sucks is moving into the place. I like being on the top because there’s no one banging on the roof above you or to complain about noise from the ceiling. 🙂 That sucks your laundry is in the basement though. At Master’s old place, he used to have his laundry in the basement, and it was SO COLD getting the laundry in the winter. Brr.

  2. Not to contradict that the movers were idiots or anything, but if the truck was old or the transmission or the turbo if it was a diesel engine was bad it is possible they could not drive any faster… I know some of the older busses at work when they are half-full they will not go over 15 miles per hour and sometimes even lower. However, if you were paying by the hour they could have just been driving slowly as a way to earn more money…
    Anyway I am glad your move went relatively smoothly.


    1. @NoxServa I suppose the truck could have been old, but for what we paid per hour – they probably could have had the truck fixed, especially considering that they are always booked. I don’t think they were lacking in money. It was just kind of ridiculous.

  3. Hello there fellow kitty. I have been reading your blogs for quite some time now and I am a subscriber to your youtube channel. I love all the advice you give and your ears are always super cute. I just wanted to say that I am glad you got your move done and can rest and relax now. I hope your fatigue goes away quickly.

    mew mew have a great night >.<

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