PicoBong KOA Ring

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Master and me love interesting new couples toys, so we decided we were going to give the KOA Ring a chance.  Made by Picobong, and sold by the incredible people at Babeland, we were excited to get our package.  The box boasts fabulous vibrations, waterproofness, and sterilizable silicone and ABS plastic.  Once we got the toy, Master was even more excited than me to get it out of the package!

When we got it out of the package, we noticed no smell or taste to the toy at all.  The ring on the end of the toy is made of ABS plastic, and looks very shiny.  It is slightly flexible, but not very.  The next 2.5″ of the toy is made of smooth silicone, and feels so soft and luxurious against the skin.  We popped a battery in, and tried to figure out how to turn this thing on.  After reading the instruction booklet that came with the toy, we learned that you must press the “+” to turn the toy on, and the “-” to turn the toy off.  Sounds pretty standard, right?  Well, the + and – were very difficult to find, and are actually part of the logo written down the shaft of the vibrator.

KOA Ring

Once we figured that out, we giggled looking at the tail.  One of the uses of this toy is that you can put it around your partner’s penis to use it during sex.  The tail flexes, but not that much, and there is honestly no way in heck it was going to fit on Master’s cock.  The tail will fit up to a two inch in diameter penis, so if you fit the bill, you may love this toy during intercourse.  It could potentially function as a vibrator for the receiver, and a cock ring for the wearer.  Master and me honestly didn’t find many of my toys to be capable of wearing the ring either.  If you have a thinner toy, you could use this on it to give a plain dildo a bit of vibration.  I do think that even though the ring does not fit on a dildo or a penis easily, it makes a great point to hold the toy from during play.

KOA Ring

In practise, I have to say that the KOA ring did not really impress me or Master.  To start off our play, Master teased my clit and labia with the vibrations of the KOA ring.  The silicone is very smooth and felt very nice against my skin.  The vibrations, even at their highest power were none too strong though.  They were about a 1.5 our of 5.  It was enough to get me aroused, but truthfully, after we got going and I was getting near my climax, we had to switch to either another vibrator or Master or my hand.  I really think that the vibrations are too low to really get me off, but they are a good warm up to play.

One thing that this vibrator is absolutely great at though, is being waterproof.  This toy is reliably 100% waterproof.  I submerged it in water and left it on its highest setting for thirty minutes, and water never seeped into the battery or anything of the sort.  If I can say anything good about this toy, it is that it is reliably safe to use under water (for up to three feet)!  The only potential problem with this is that once submerged, the vibrations feel even more minimal than they already are.  So, it may not be your best under water bet.

Cleaning this toy is marvelously simple, due to the fact that the toy is waterproof.  You don’t need to worry about spilling water anywhere, feel free to dunk and scrub away.  You can use soap and water, a toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution.  I did not find that I had any problems getting the toy to be clean, just remember that silicone does attract plenty of dust and pet hair, so you’ll probably want to rinse it before each use.  Due to the fact that the toy contains silicone, please be sure to use only water based lubes with it.

Another cute touch to the toy is that is comes with a die.  The die is six sided and has pictures of various toys on it.  If you own other Picobong toys, you could use this to determine which toy you would like to use that night, if you’re having trouble deciding.

Overall, this toy is cute and well made, but because of the low vibrations it isn’t one we’ll be using often.  We’re giving it two paws.

Thank you so much, Babeland, for allowing me the opportunity to try out this toy in exchange for an honest and fair review!