I’m Not Gone Or Dead =^^=

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Sleepy Kitty On Labyrinth Night

You know, this blog is mainly for Master and me.  The reason why we write is more for us, than for other people who read it.  While I love having comments, and I love chatting and meeting new friends through my blog, the main reason why I write is for Master and me.  We both enjoy being able to scroll through my blog and see pictures from our play, our daily lives, and to read about the day-to-day happenings.  It’s just a nice little online collection, and it makes Master especially happy each time I write.  Because of that, I sometimes forget that other people do read this blog, and do care about Master and me and our lives.  For that reason, I want to apologize for just disappearing recently.

As you know if you’re keeping up on my blogs, I injured my wrist.  Several years ago, I injured my wrist and didn’t take care of it at all.  It took over five years to heal completely, and I was just beginning to enjoy it again in the past year, when, lo and behold, I hurt it again.  Since I don’t want another crippling wrist injury, when I hurt myself Master and me talked and he decided that I should only do a few minutes of typing per day, and that I should do more picture blogs than verbage.  Soon after I said I’d do a picture blog a day, I realized the demand on my wrist for even a picture blog daily would be too much.  A lot of people don’t realize how difficult it is to type one-handed, or how much HTML, uploading, etc etc goes into each of those posts.  Not to mention, the Internet is a tantalizing creature, and each time I went online, I’d get temped to browse other websites.  In order to allow my wrist to heal, Master and me decided that blog posts needed to be put on hold.  I also realize I’m not tweeting as much as I did before the injury.  I love Twitter, and that’s where you’ll see me most over the next few weeks, but I need to be away from it, too, to prevent myself from too much typing.

We’ve taken a lot of pictures, had a lot of fun play, and have been enjoying life to the best of our ability with me still not at pique functionality.  I do feel a lot better though, and my wrist is actually feeling great.  I still need to wear the wrist brace for a couple of weeks though, despite the fact that I have no pain, swelling, or nerve tingling anymore.  My leg is feeling much better, and I now only need physical therapy once per week for it. 🙂

So, thank you to those of you who have commented or emailed me or Master asking how I’m doing.  I’m just fine, Master is just fine, but for now, I need to be a bit absent in order to be able to heal quickly and get back to being Master’s good slave.  I’ve been a lot more “pet” than anything lately, since I’m not doing very many chores.  It has been hard for me to be off my wrist so much, but it won’t be long now.

Mew mew.



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  1. Glad to hear you are doing much better, Kitty. One injury is hard to deal with when you have an active role in the house, two must have been maddening. We wish you a continued speedy recovery ;).

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