Sheepy Kitty

Rosie, My Glo-Worm

“Are You Sheepy Kitty?”

“Nuh-uh.”  Eye lids start to droop

“You’re sure about that?”  Knowing smile

Eye lids open wide “Yup.  Kitty good kitty.  Kitty want be up wif Master.”

“Kitty want tuck?” Wide grin

Sigh “Yes Master.”

A couple years ago, Master decided I had a bed time.  Initially, I didn’t like it, because it wasn’t something I was able to just do overnight.  Sure, I went to bed when Master put me there, but I didn’t fall asleep right away for a while.  Eventually I got used to the bed time rule, and I found that I had more energy during the day, and a lot less insomnia than I did before, though it still haunts me now and then.

When I broke my foot about six weeks ago, Master started letting me stay up late.  We both knew that I wasn’t going to be working in the morning, not for a while anyway, and it was just nice to be together.  Of course, here we are several weeks later, and I’m still not back at work because I’m still trapped in the boot.

My body is beginning to adjust to our late night escapades again, and I’m not falling asleep right away, even when Master puts me to bed at midnight or later!  Because of this, he told me (excluding weekends) that he’s going to start putting me to bed at my usual 10PM time again.  I’m a bit bummed because I saw it as a sort of “perk” to the broken foot.  Sort of, something I could look forward to.  I do understand, and I know it’s not a punishment, it’s for my own good.

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