6 thoughts on “Serenade Sunday

  1. I just saw THIS

    “@kittystryker Casa Bonita food is nasty. I think I just filled up on chips and salsa (and liquor) when I went. 38 minutes ago”

    over there on the right in the Tweet, Tweet box.

    I’m NOT amused! Stop spreading your lies!

    1. @Gaspar

      You saw that, huh?

      I mean, I think Casa Bonita is an awesome place.. I just wish the food was less.. Smothered in mystery sauce..? >.<

  2. Hahaha you should have heard the grumbles when He saw that tweet! He was like… what the f…. look at THIS!

    Anyway! This is the best pic ever of Serenade and that’s all.

    Plus, now i would like waffles and pancakes.


    1. @treasure The funny thing is, it was a message I sent to someone else. I think Gaspar just has some sort of inner alert in case I ever say anything bad about Casa Bonita’s food. I do think it’s a cool place, I just hate the “food” they serve.

        1. @Gaspar ::picks up puffer and looks down at broken foot::

          I think you already do!

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