Thunder In The Mountains 2012

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Yay!  Today is Thunder, and Master and me have been eagerly awaiting its arrival since..  Well..  Last year.  ::sheepish grin::  Master took today and Monday off, so not only will we have an awesome con to go to, but we have a super long weekend, too.  I’m really excited to go, though admittedly, completely nervous because my foot still swells up at the drop of a hat.  I had to use a wheelchair at VegFest last Sunday, because my costochondritis was incredibly painful.  While I admit that the wheelchair helped, it was humiliating to not be walking around the event under my own power.  When you need help like that, you need help, but I am hoping it doesn’t come to that.  Master has a wheelchair that the physical therapist lent me, and I’m to wear my orthopedic shoe and use a crutch for as much of the event that I can handle.  If I start limping though, at least there will be the chair.

Apart from that minor little worry, I’m still super excited!  Master and me super duper love conventions, and we’re looking forward to this one.  Kink and fun?  Here we come.  I had thought that Master and me were going to have to skip the Dungeon this year because of my broken paw, but he has some really good and creative ideas for play in a wheelchair.  (OMG, I am like, the luckiest kitty alive to have such a creative man as my Master).  Anyway though, for me, the big draw to a dungeon or kink convention is the education.  I love going to classes and learning new things.  Oh, and picking up fun new implements in the vendor room.  Not to mention all the cool people you get to meet.  Yay!

Speaking of meeting cool new people, I know that there are at least a couple of people who read my blog or follow me on Twitter who are going to Thunder.  Feel free to say hello if you see us!  Master and me love meeting new people, and we don’t bite.  No really, we don’t.  ::Grin::  I’ll be the gimpy kitty girl with the plush pig.

See you guys in a few days! 🙂  (But, my blog will still be going.  I wrote posts for it ahead of time).