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We didn’t take any actual pictures of the sex that day.  In fact, I had only taken this picture because Master had said he was going to take a quick shower, and I thought that the bedroom looked so enticing that I wanted to snap a shot of how cozy it looked.  It’s a bit hard to see, but there are restraints (red ones) on the futon on either end for my wrists.

Master had me kneel with my tummy on the futon, and my knees on the ground.  My wrists were stretched to the far corners of the futon, and I honestly had a bit of a hard time reaching.  That’s OK.  All the more fun (I like being stuck in uncomfortable positions).

Master put my blindfold on me.  It’s a leather blindfold, and I happen to love it because it is slightly domed around the eyes and it is absolutely impossible to “cheat” even accidentally.  I had actually polished it earlier that day, to make it extra shiny, you know.  Master was impressed with the shine on it, and told me he couldn’t wait to use it.

After the blindfold, I honestly don’t remember the rest of the session.  I was too busy stuck in my own head, unsure of what I was smelling.  Yup, you heard that right.  Smelling.  For some reason, I was sure that clear as day I smelled both the saddle soap, and the polish I had used on the blindfold only a couple of hours earlier.  I’m do love the smell of the polish and soap, and they do turn me on quite a bit..  But I was terrified that I had accidentally not buffed the blindfold long enough, and maybe the polish was getting all over me and the blanket!  Maybe our fancy liberator throe was getting ruined even as I was sitting there while Master was doing..  Well..  Whatever he was doing!

At some point, I don’t remember which, Master took my blindfold off, and began beating me as he eased his girthy cock into my cunt.  ::Purr::

It wasn’t until after Master came that he asked me what had me so distracted during our play time.  I confessed that the smell of polish and saddle soap had been so strong that I was terrified that I had ruined our favorite blindfold, and was also in the middle of staining our awesome liberator throe.  He laughed.  He pointed to the cat tree, which is now pretty close to the futon, and mentioned that he had opened the tins and left them there because he knew the smell of them would turn me on.

Whoops!  Silly little kitty.  But hey, at least I didn’t ruin the blindfold.  (Which was in perfect condition, by the way).