Things Being Alone Have Taught Me


Not that I’m “very” alone. I mean, I still see Master, and of course we’re still together. But, since he’s been working so much lately (stupid work!) I have had to spend much more time by myself, and that includes during meal times. The thing is, I’ve always been kind of bad at eating when I’m alone. For one thing, I don’t really see myself as worthwhile to cook for. I mean, if Master is home too – I will gladly cook, but if I am all alone, I don’t normally cook just for myself. It’s just me, I reason. Why would I bother? And most of the time, if Master isn’t home – I just will eat whatever is already cooked; leftovers, a banana, some cauliflower. Whatever’s in the fridge. Some days I get caught up in chores or something and I don’t even eat dinner at all. (I used to be bad at breakfast and lunch, too, but slowly I’ve become pretty good at feeding myself first thing in the morning and lunch too. Dinner has been a difficult one for a while now, because I almost always share it with Master, and if I can’t I feel guilty about eating it at all, which is absurd, but people don’t need to make sense I suppose. I wonder if there’s an award for longest run-on sentence. Maybe I just won.)

And, of course, that all works out very well, for the first couple of days. You know, you skip a meal or two here or there, and it’s really not a huge deal. You skip a meal every night, and then try to keep doing chores after and slowly you start to fizzle. Eh, maybe you don’t. But, I do. I think it took me a week or two after Master started this ridiculous schedule. He came home one night, asked me what I had for dinner, and I told him I cooked myself something. Actually cooked myself something. He told me I was a super good kitty and he rubbed my nose! (One of my favorite rewards for being good). I don’t even remember what I cooked at that point, it was a little while back.



Since that night, I’ve still had my ups and downs. I make sure I eat something, sure – but I haven’t gone (every single day) to the lengths of actually cooking. In order to counter this, I’ve begun cooking some things ahead of time. I get a huge box of veggies from the farm once a week, and then when Master isn’t home, I’ve been putting lots of effort into cooking and freezing or storing food which can be easily reheated, and then eating all the more highly perishable things sooner (like cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, etc). It is working out really well, and I’m finally starting to learn that it’s okay to cook for myself even if I’m alone. I’m worth it. I’m Master’s, and he wants me to take good care of myself while he’s away.

Some days are still more difficult than others, so Master buys me one “convenience” thing per week so that if I’m having a bad day, I can easily just heat it or defrost it. Like the vegan orange chik’n in the top picture. I try to stay away from processed food for the most part, but I’m not perfect, and one night a week isn’t the end of the world, especially if it winds up in me managing to cook for myself, even in small doses. I think this is a good skill to have, even if it has taken me quite a while to finally be picking up on it. It’s the weirdest smallest things I have problems with, sometimes. Like I said – if Master is home, I am happy to cook for us both. But something about cooking for just lil ‘ol me has always stumped me. Master is so happy I’ve been cooking for myself, that he often asks me what I cooked, and I’ve been posting pictures on my Tumblr of the foods I’ve been making. He says he likes to see the things I’m cooking. =^^= Purr!

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