I Wear My Uterus On The Outside. Also, Rope.



Those panties are going to take some getting used to. I’m so weird. See, I’m not a feminist by any stretch of the imagination, and I always saw uterus panties as being sort of a feminist thing (at least, I see them in photos of feminist rallies, and they tend to be sold by feminists, etc). Well, I was shopping with my Xmas money (thank you, Sarumom), and Master saw these and wanted me to get ’em. I was turned off by two things: one, they’re white, and I only wear white panties with my schoolgirl skirt. Heh. But two, the whole feminist connotation. Still, I don’t think Master sees them as feminist (after purchasing them, I told him my feelings on them). He just thinks they’re cute. So, rock them I shall.


And, in this particular session, Master was just dicking around with the rope a bit. After he was done, he told me to try to escape. I got out pretty easily. I think he knew I would. After that, he tied my wrists up really well (behind me), and had all sorts of fun. It was really great. I love when we get to play around. Especially with rope.