Valentine’s Day 2013

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Valentine’s Day went really well. I woke up that morning, and I was eager for the day. I wanted to keep busy so the time Master was gone would be here sooner. Before Master came home, I had been on the phone with my Mom, and it didn’t go so well. Family drama has been on an ultimate high lately, and it has been very stressful for me. I was so upset I was shaking and near tears. Master listened to my frustrations and tried his best to cheer me up. In fact, he even had a Valentine for me. We weren’t going to exchange anything on Valentine’s Day as we have that huge Vegas trip coming up, and the trip was part of the gift to ourselves. But then, Master told me he wanted to do something fun after all. “Fuck it!” He said. “We need to do something fun now.” We were both really upset.

He told me to research some fun things we could do. Most of the things were closed because it was too late (almost 5PM). I puffed out into the front room and said:

“Let’s do something crazy!”

“Like what?” Master looked over, excitedly.

“Let’s get my septum pierced today, instead of Vegas!”


Yep. I’ve been keeping it a secret, but Master was going to let me pierce my septum in Vegas. I have wanted my septum pierced for a good long while now. I feel that a piercing should accent the person’s features, and my nose is one of my favorite things about myself. Master loves my nose, and he loves to rub it and kiss it.


The idea was boo-ed down, and as we were coming up with other ideas, Master told me to face away from the computer while he looked something up. When he was done, he wrote down an address and told me to get my coat. I did. When we got where we were going, it wound up being a piercing shop! (And, one rated very highly for the entire Denver area! They have won many awards. Out of respect for them, I won’t mention their name on my very adult blog though. Shoot me an email if you’re in the Denver area and are looking for a place to be pierced or tattooed. Tell ’em Faete sent ya. Ha ha.) I was very nervous because I wasn’t sure what Master was going to get pierced.

After I saw what it was, Master admitted he thought it was a better idea to do the piercing locally, because if anything went wrong, we’d have our piercer nearby.  To say though, that’s just a minor precaution.  I have never had any piercings go wrong, with the exception of one which was pierced crooked, and one which was pierced with a piercing gun as a kid (but I know better than that now).

So, we went in, waited a while while the owner finished up someone’s tattoo, and then it was my turn.

“Who is getting pierced?” She asked.

“Me.” I answered.

“What’re you having done?” Asks she.

“Er. I don’t know. It’s a Valentine’s Day gift from my husband.” Returns I.

“Septum.” Says Master.

Several minutes later, and after much lecturing on how to take care of piercings (which, by the way, I knew all the answers to, etc, because I have had MANY piercings, though for various reasons have none now), I was sitting in the chair and getting ready to get my septum done. I won’t lie. It did hurt, but it wasn’t really that bad. See, septum piercings don’t actually go through cartilage, so they’re less scary than they look. My eyes watered a bit, and I bled an average amount, and then I was up and running. See?


I am in looooove with it! Traditionally, I have always gone out for sushi after having a piercing, but Master doesn’t like sushi, so I went with him to a local Italian place we’re both in love with. It was quite delicious.

septum 2


Remember how Master was sick a few days ago? Well, he’s actually a bit worse now then he was. Even his co-workers are noticing it. He was almost out of TheraFlu, so we had to go to three separate stores to find it. Unfortunately, as we were walking around I started getting really faint and dizzy. I have never had that sort of a reaction from a piercing before (and for the record, I have had my ear lobes done three times, my navel, my nipples, and my tongue) so I was worried I was probably having a POTS flare up. Not fun. We went home, and I had a low grade fever. Master and me are both really hoping it is a fluke and I am not coming down with his terrible cold. 🙁 He really is sick, and I don’t want to catch what he’s got!

The piercing really was absolutely wonderful though, and I am in total and complete love with it. I have to keep the large jewelry in for about a year, and then I can change it to a smaller size, if I want. I know a year sounds like a lot, but the woman told me six months, and Master always doubles the healing times for me, so we’re waiting a year to be on the safe side. A year from now will be next Valentine’s Day. Master says we might make Valentine’s Day body modification a new tradition. We shall see though. Time will tell.

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  1. I’m so sorry you had a tough phone call huni *hugs* but glad that it was made up for with something you love.
    p.s. Love your Master’s t-shirt! hehe! Epic!

  2. You look adorable, Kitty! It’s very cute. A tradition of Valentine’s body mod sounds fun! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for Feb 14, 2014.

    Hope you don’t get sick.


  3. Don’t let the family drama’s bother you to much, I know how hard it is my family has many dramas! But glad you turned a bad day into a good one 🙂

    1. @MomoNoHanna Thank you Sweetie. It’s really hard dealing with all the drama, but you are right, focusing on it doesn’t help.

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