Ducky Derby

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Our town recently had a ducky derby.  We had heard about the one they had last year, but were busy that weekend and couldn’t go.  I actually collect rubber duckies (my bathroom is covered in them), and thought it would be cool to see thousands of duckies at once.  =^^=  Master thought it would be fun too, so we bought a duck and were excited for the derby.  Basically (if you haven’t seen these before), what happens is you buy a ticket with a number on the bottom.  The ducks have a number on the bottom of them.  Then, they dump a ton of ducks into the steam, and float the duckies down.  Then, the first 600 ducks get a prize.  Yep.  600.  The first three people get money, and then there were a bunch of random prizes donated from local companies.  Cool.



It was due to be a bit hot that day, but we figured we would tough it out in the name of the duckies.  He he.  Master lent me his neck cooler in an attempt to try to stay cool.  It basically hugs your neck and feels cold, so it helps you cool off.  It’s neat.  Since it was due to be so hot that day, I decided to wear my lightest dress.  After all, I wanted to be as cool as possible.  Yeah.  About ten minutes after we got there, I decided I had to use the bathroom, and I dropped my panties in a puddle.  >:(  Not cool.  AND, because I was wearing my lightest, flowiest dress, (and it just so happened to be windy), I wound up being really, really miserable for the rest of the day.  I mean, Master would not have me go pantyless in this dress at a family event, because, in his words “That ain’t okay!”  You don’t want to expose children to things like that on purpose.  So, he stayed on one side of me, and held down one side of my dress while I held down the other.  -.-  Boo.  Not fun.

And then, since it was so hot, Master decided to buy me an icee.  Of course, shortly after buying it, I dropped it on the ground on the way to watch the ducks get dumped into the stream.  🙁  Sad kitty!  He offered to replace it, but I didn’t want to risk dropping another one.  Stupid thing.  He did get me a duckie cookie later, as you can see.  So, we hiked on down to the ducky dump spot, and we didn’t get a great view, so we travelled a little further down the stream:




And eventually we started to see the duckies start flowing in!  It was really cool.  <3  I have never seen so many duckies at all once, and it was really cute watching them all float down the stream!  (And don’t worry environmentalists, they had a blockage at one end of the river so that the ducks could not get stuck out there in the landscape or drift further down the stream).  We got lots of pictures, but most of them had other people in them, so I’m not posting them online.  I had to crop the picture above so that there were no people in it.

We didn’t win, but that doesn’t matter, because witnessing all the duckies going down the river was super fun and I enjoyed it a lot.  <3  Master says he is looking forward to going again next year!  Who knows, maybe we’ll get a winning ducky.  Either way:  no fluffy dresses.  Har har.

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    1. @Lea Yeah, it was really cool! I hope that we get to go next year, I loved seeing all the duckies! 😀 No fluffy dresses though.. 😉

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