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A question people ask me all the time is “Why does your Master shave the back of your head?”  I always just reply with “Because he likes to.”  That is true, Master does like shaving my head, but the history of shaving the back of my head goes back a bit further than recently.  When I first was dating Master, it seemed he would have one or two girls over each week or so just to shave the back of their heads for them.  At the time, Master had asked me if I wanted the back of my head done too, and I said no.  I had work and the dress code didn’t allow for any part of my head to be shaved.  Master understood – work came before body modifications at that time.  Of course now I work on cam, and I can have my hair any which way I like.  It was kind of funny because at the time all of his friends seemed to try to convince me.  “Oh, it’s cooler in the summer, and you can just wear your hair down and no one will notice.”  Yes, true.  But, I cannot stand wearing my hair down in my day-to-day (I like it up and out of my face where it can’t bother me while I’m running around and taking care of this or that), and since I couldn’t hide it at work, it wasn’t an option.

I’m not even sure how it came up, but the summers out here in Colorado have been brutal the past few years.  In fact, Master even shaved his head because it was so hot (and then, I thought he looked so hot that he continues to shave his head), and one way or another he asked me – did I want to shave the back of my head?  And, I agreed.  Eagerly, Master pulled out his handy-dandy buzzers and went to work.  I’m not sure what he enjoys about shaving the back of women’s heads, but I love having my hair like this.  Of course, in the winter we grow my “fuzz” back in for warmth, and in the summer we buzz it down again for cooling.

Aside from Master enjoying the shaving, I enjoy the way the nape of my neck feels when it is just barely fuzzy.  Not only can you feel air rushing around back there, but fingers feel good against my skin.  <3  I love it.

Little side note, but here’s a still Master took the last time he was shaving the back of my head.  He has me hold my ponytails up and away for him, and he does the shaving.  I love the contrast in the picture of his giant hands next to my smaller ones.  <3  I wonder if there is some kind of weird “masterful” DNA that says you can’t be dominant without big hands.  He he.  Just kidding.  It does seem that a lot of doms I know have large mitts though.


13 thoughts on “Head Shaving

  1. Very interesting. I have to agree that the feel is lovely. When I shaved my head I actually really loved the look and feel, even as it was growing back. Now I do miss having a shaved head but I also want my long hair back! lol!

    1. @Mrs Teepot Yeah, when my head was shaved all the way, I loved the way it felt! 🙂 ::Purr purr:: I can relate!

  2. It’s definitely true!! Fang’s hands are a lot bigger than mine. When she’s holding my hand hers practically swallows mine in a way. I LOVE IT. 😀

    Speaking of grooming…I need a cut. Turning into shaggy kitty over here.. LOL

  3. It looks good on you, Sweetie. And cool, too.

    I agree with the big hands thing. MM has HUGE hands as well. Must be some DNA trait in many, like you said. 🙂 I love the contrast between my small hands and his huge ones. You and M look similar.

    1. @P’Gell Thank you Honey! 🙂 And yes, big hands are such a huge turn on. I love them in a Dom. 🙂

  4. “I wonder if there is some kind of weird “Masterful” DNA that says you can’t be dominant without big hands.”

    I never really thought about it before, but that seems true. Then again if they have small hands I don’t think it would hurt nearly as much…

    1. @gaia Yeah, I was mostly teasing, but I do like your theory about it not hurting as much. 😉

  5. The DNA thing would explain male doms if your right but its just a little flawed when it comes to femdoms lol. I think its a male gender DNA trait 🙂

    1. @Noba671 I was being silly, but, on a serious note – most femdoms I know in real life have had big hands, though there have been exceptions to that. 🙂

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