Bare Fists Bruising

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We almost never use the flip ramp, but we did dig it out for some intense impact play the other night.  The bulk of the impacts were focused on my ass and my tits.  Master would lift up my breasts by the nipple and pinch and twist them hard while he beat my breasts.

Picture 214

We accidentally packed up our cam lighting (the lights we use to take pictures in the house, as well as what I use to cam) so the lighting is kind of dark in the first picture.  The second picture is the morning after, and the bruises seem to be really coming in nicely.  <3  I just love the sore, achy feeling, especially when Master continues to beat and squeeze them the next day.  Layers upon layers of bruises.  <3  So much lucky.

The most fun thing about this session with Master though, was the beating he did to my ass.  We have been together a long time, but there has only been one other time that I have woken up the next day with an ass that was sore to sit on.  My ass is just really resilient and it doesn’t mark easily.  The only tool we have found that leaves lasting ass marks is the cane.  Doesn’t really matter which one, but the cane does seem to mark my ass..  If you go at it long enough.  Interestingly enough this morning I don’t have any marks on my ass, but that sore feeling is there whenever I move and sit down.  So sweet.  I can thank Master’s fists for punching me in all the right ways.  So hot and wondrous.

Thank you, Master!  =^^=