Caning and Conditioning

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Master had just finished putting some leather restraints on my ankles and wrists.  The ones on my ankles are the largest ones we have (aside from the ones I wear as part of my pony tack), I think they are 2 or 2.5” in width.  They have a huge D-ring sewn into the front of them, and I like the way they feel on me a lot (they feel super constricting).  Master had also clipped my ankles together and my wrists together using g-clips.  He went into the umbrella stand and picked out the biggest cane we have (a black delrin cane, I believe.  It is very thick and very heavy.) 

At first he had me flex my ankles so that he could hit the bottom of my feet easier.  I was really enjoying that when he decided to switch it up.  He told me to lift my legs until they were vertical.  Without really thinking about it, I lifted my legs up to vertical and reached forward with my hands to grab the g-clip that was holding my ankles together.  Master stopped me:

“No, Kitty.  Use your abs.”

I put my arms back where they were supposed to be, and I held my legs up on their own without much difficulty.  I had them a bit too high though (it’s hard to tell if you’re vertical or not from a laying down position).  Master reached out and moved my legs until they were bent at a perfect 90* angle.  He started beating my calves with the cane.  It felt really good, but the difficulty of holding the position (after a few minutes) started to settle in and unfortunately I kept not really noticing the sensations despite how hard Master was striking me.  I kept getting lost in the desire to stay perfectly still, I would notice my knees bending slightly due to the difficulty of holding the position for a long while, and I would correct myself and re-straighten. 

After a little while, Master had me lower my legs carefully, and he told me how much he enjoyed watching my legs shake with exhaustion.  He moved his attention to my feet again and then back to my legs after he decided I had enough of a break.  My legs started to shake visibly much sooner this time than they did last time.  I was very good and didn’t give up until Master told me to lower my feet again.

I really enjoyed the whole thing.  I love to be able to physically challenge myself, and I love to be able to show Master how strong I am or how good I can be.  It was a fun experience and I hope we get to do something similar again.