Ablation Scheduled

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Well, I got a call from the doctor’s office to schedule my ablation.  I’m happy to finally have a concrete date for this, but I have to admit I’m slightly bummed.  They would have been able to get me in there as early as April 4th, but not until late in the day, and I can’t fast all day long.  🙁  I have to have early surgery because if I go all day without eating my POTS gets really awful.  (As in, my vision goes bad and I have a hard time seeing, along with palpitations, and other stuff you don’t wanna deal with on surgery day).  But, the soonest they could get me in for surgery early in the day was May 15th.  May 15th also happens to be the day after my birthday.  I do wish it didn’t need to be so close to my birthday, but it isn’t on my birthday, so I should just be happy.  I didn’t want to push the surgery into June though.  This needs to get fixed now so that I can stop missing out on things going on in life.

I’m sure the two months will fly by.  At least after this I should (with any luck) have my last and final period.  I’m trying to stay positive.  Surgery being this late also means I won’t get my tattoo on my birthday like we had planned.  🙁  Boo.  At this rate, I’ll probably wind up just not getting a body mod this year, and wind up waiting until Valentine’s Day again.  We’ll see what Master says though.  He’s the ultimate decider.

So, kinda bummed that this anemia crap has dragged out this late in the year.  I’ll figure it out though, and I do know that at least by the end of the year I’ll be faster, stronger, better.  =^.~=  Why do blood stores have to take so long to build up, anyway?

Edited to add: Master points out that the timing is actually awesome. “This year for your birthday you’re getting no periods!”. Lol. I like that.

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