Towel Rack

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When Master gets home at night, we usually eat dinner and then he has a shower.  I don’t normally join him on said shower, because I usually just shower whenever I am dirty and I have the luxury of working from home so I can shower any time during the day.  Usually I’ll do whatever little tasks Master wants done while he’s showering (maybe load the dishwasher or something) or else I will simply wait.

This time was different.  Master told me he wanted me to join him for his shower.  So, I went upstairs to shower with him, and I took off all of my clothes except for my compression stockings and my panties.  Since I was on my period, I usually wait until he gets into the shower to take my panties off and then join him.  He brought a folding chair out of nowhere and he told me to sit in it.  Of course I did.

Master started to buckle leather restraints on my wrists and then he used a g-clip to clip them together.  He put leather restraints on my ankles too, which you can’t see, but those he attached to a spreader bar (which is also off camera.)




He started shaving my nape, which was weird to me because I’m somewhat a creature of routine, and he normally shaves my head on Sundays.  I didn’t argue, of course, and just sat there feeling his giant hands on the back of my head as he shaved this way and that.  I love the feel of my nape freshly shaved so much that I would probably ask Master to do it every single day if it was possible.  Tee hee.  So, no complaints from me.

After he was done shaving the back of my head, he put a blindfold on me.  He told me that he was going to move the chair I was sitting in, and so I should lift my feet off the floor.  I did.  Then, I felt him throw a towel over my head.

“You’re my towel rack tonight.  I couldn’t have an unkempt towel rack.”

“Ah,” thought I, “That explains the shaving.”

Master threw a towel roughly on my lap, and I didn’t really think anything of it, other than to notice the roughness on my nipples.  I heard Master get into the shower and I knew he was cleaning himself up.  After a few minutes, he put a hand out to grab another towel off of the real towel rack and he wiped his eyes with it.  I couldn’t see, but I could tell because he then tossed the towel on me roughly, and the towel had a wet corner on it.

I thought to myself “I bet he is going to need to wipe his eyes more than normal tonight.”  I wasn’t complaining to myself, I didn’t mind.  I just had a passing thought that he would do this to get me wet.  (I think Master has a secret kink for getting people wet with water.  That would be a story for another day though.

Master did not actually wind up getting the towel wetter than normal.  He just took a normal shower and when he was done he reached out to get a towel from me.  I, of course, sat there saying not a word and being as good a towel rack as I could be.  When Master was done with his towel, he threw it back over my head and cleaned up the bathroom from shaving my head.  Sometimes when I am in bondage he will just leave me there while he cleans things up.  I don’t mind doing the cleaning, but I do also like being in bondage a lot so I don’t usually want to come out.  I have never been a towel rack before, but I enjoyed it a lot.