June Temporary Brand Picture

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Whoops!  I have had this picture sitting on my desktop and I completely forgot to update the blog with it!  It was taken at the beginning of the month though so even though I am posting it late it is still on time.  Sort of.

As always, it is lighter in my pictures than it is in real life.  I love it still, as does Master.  <3  There doesn’t seem to be any/much of a real change with it this month.  Just posting a progress picture for curiosity’s sake.

2 thoughts on “June Temporary Brand Picture

  1. I got temporary brand of a kitty this past weekend, and I find myself taking one every night. I really wish I would have done it somewhere I could have seen it. But pictures work. 🙂

    1. @Gaia Oh, that is awesome! 😀 I’m glad you have a temporary brand too. We were taking pics every few hours and then every day in the beginning, but now it’s pretty healed. 🙂

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