Mini Mummy

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I have a neck “exercise” that I need to do every day.  It’s not much of an exercise really, because there’s no movement involved.  I basically need to lay on a rolled up towel for twenty minutes.  Twenty minutes isn’t really very long, I mean, unless you’re sitting there bored out of your skull unable to move your head and just waiting for time to pass.  Usually I put on some music or something and just try to relax until my timer goes off.  The other night, though, Master had a roll of bondage tape out and I knew he was up to something.

He had a blanket partially laying on the futon, and the other part of it was laying on the ground.  He told me to put myself in the middle of it, so of course I did.  He positioned my neck and then he rolled up the blanket over the top of me and tucked it under me, like a mini mummy.




He wrapped both my feet and chest with the bondage tape so that I couldn’t get out.  Was it the strictest mummification?  No.  I mean, I was in a soft snuggly blanket.  I couldn’t move at all though, because the tape was really strict.  If Master hadn’t bound my feet I’m sure I could have slithered out with time and determination..  But why would I want to escape anyway?

While this wasn’t the strictest bondage we’ve ever done, it was very nice as a treat right before bed.  When the timer went off at the end of my twenty minutes, I didn’t want to be unbound!  I’m kind of a sucker for any kind of bondage though.  I probably would have happily slept there if Master had let me.




But, he didn’t let me.  He took me upstairs to show his cock some appreciation.  It’s only too bad that my neck exercise can’t be this good every night.  But then, I don’t think Master wants me to get too spoiled.