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Master has been learning to sew, as mentioned in other posts.  Last week he got an idea and he told me he had a surprise he wanted to make me…  Without my help.  Well, mostly without my help.  He waited until I was in the shower one night to draft his pattern, and then when I came downstairs he only asked me to show him which sides of the fabric he chose were which.  (They were similar and it was hard for him to tell.)  I showed him, and then he sent me off to play video games while he set about his project at the kitchen table.  Around ten o’clock I started to get sleepy.  I asked Master for permission to get ready for bed (it was a weekend, so he is more lenient with bed time then) but he told me I had to wait just a few more minutes.

When he was done he came over and asked if I wanted my treat.

“Yes, please!”  I was enthusiastic, but sleepy.

Master pulled a black minky bear out from behind his back.  I snuggled him to my chest.  Minky isn’t the easiest fabric to work with if you’re new to sewing, and I was impressed with how well the bear was put together.  He even sewed the bottom up, and I haven’t taught him hand sewing yet!

“How did you know how to sew him up?”

“I watched you!”

LOL!  Of course he did.  (Master is a speedy learner).

I asked Apple Pig if he could talk to the bear and ask him what his name was.  Apple Pig told me the bear wasn’t much of a talker and that he was “simple” so he couldn’t get the name out of him.  I decided that since he was simple I would name him Sandal.  Master admitted he wasn’t happy with how the mouth came out, and I said I would help him fix it.  We just haven’t done it quite yet.

See that brown bear hanging out with Sandal?  That’s Master’s first teddy bear that he was given as an infant.  <3  He has a major soft spot for it and keeps it in his side table drawer.  Sometimes, if I’m very, very, very sick, he will lend me his teddy to snuggle (it has magic powers).  Now I have my own “first teddy” though.  He may not be perfect, but I love him because he is full of love, and because Master was sweet enough to go out of his way to create him for me.

Thank you Master.

<3 <3 <3

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