Every Day Is An Adventure

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Almost every day since Master has been out of work has been an adventure.  We get up early most days and we do the things listed on my magical notecard of doom.  During the previous day, Master will tell me what he wants me to put on the card.  You know, buy dental floss, go to appointment B, do fifty push ups.  Whatever.  Then, as we have very little income right now, we also scour Craigslist for free stuff that we could use.  A couple days ago, someone had put up an ad about the fact that they had a pear tree with more pears on it than she could eat and they were mainly going to waste.  Come on down and pick pears.  So, we did.  As you can see from the above picture, they were pretty much the cutest pears ever.  Ha!  Master wouldn’t let me on the ladder so he was climbing.  I mean, not that I didn’t like looking up his shorts or anything.  Because, you know, I kind of did.

We’re still sort of doing all those little appointments that we were trying to do last week.  There’s only a few left.  Doc appointments and this and that.  We still need flu shots, but that is because we came down with colds and wanted to wait until we were feeling completely well before we went and got them.  Why tax an already taxed immune system?

It’s funny, but we both have been remarking about how we were home more when Master was working.  I mean, with the move imminent, and other things going on, being at home during the day is hard.  When we are home, Master spends his time scouring the Internet for jobs, updating his resume, etc.  After dinner, he works with me on Mewtique stuff.  It’s nearly Halloween so things are getting busier for me, which is a good thing.

We spend as much time together as possible, despite the fact that Master is home more than ever before.  Twue wuv, I guess.  We never liked being away from each other much, but that does make updating this blog a bit more difficult.  Still, I get time here and there to update so I’m trying.

I pinched a nerve in my low back on Friday, resulting in an extra gimpy Kitty.  Then, for shits and giggles, I thought it would be fun to sublux a couple bones in my foot last night.  So, Master just ran out to the store alone right now because honestly, dragging my wheelchair around is murder on his back (which is still a bit twingy), so it’s just better to let him pick up the couple things he needs alone.

Sex has been happening less right now.  For the first week after he was laid off, Master and me were too panicked to have sex.  Too scared, too worried, too overwhelmed.  It isn’t even that we didn’t want to have sex, but we were too terrified with everything else going on to even think of it.  We broke the ice a few days ago and we both felt so much better.  Master tied me tightly with rope and teased me all over with the violet wand before fucking me.  I squealed with delight when I saw it.  It had been so long since we used the violet wand, and I was beyond pleased about it.  Feeling that soft tickle at first, and then feeling those sharp knives later when he turned it up.. Delicious.  It was just the thing we needed to break the ice and as silly as it sounds, we almost forgot how much less stress you have when you can get some good quality fucking in.  So, so grateful.

Tomorrow is going to be insanely busy, but the rest of the week should have a lot less going on each day.  One or two appointments at most.  Master has three doctor appointments, I have one appointment, and Master has an interview in person.  Whoop!  Every positive bit of news we get makes us both happy.  An interview is a good thing to have going on.

We’re hanging in there.  Our spirits are up right now, and several deadlines are approaching.  Fingers, toes, tits and eyes are all crossed for everything to settle down a bit soon.

3 thoughts on “Every Day Is An Adventure

  1. We went through some of the same stuff, when my Wolf lost his job four years ago, we struggled but found a balance then he found a new job, his current one.

    And yes, I am dealing with increasing health frustrations, but we are working with them as we can.

  2. I love fruit picking, wonderful that you can put the fruit to good use!

    I hope things start looking up for you soon!

    1. We always seem to make thing work and this time will not be the exception. I am fortunate to have a beautiful slave to help keep my spirits up while we push through it.

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