After Zap

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We had a bit of zappy fun with the violet wand the other day.  Master took a couple of pictures of the “after” and I thought I’d share a few.  Usually, after I cum I just lay there unless instructed otherwise.  I’m perfectly happy in my gags and any bondage, and I’m in no rush to be released.  This time was no different, but I did hear Master get up and get the camera and start snapping a few shots.




I had my red ball gag in, and my favorite blindfold.  (The one I can’t cheat with, even if I wanted to, and I really don’t.)  I felt Master put one of my blankies on me, and I had thought that he was going to let me nap in my bonds a bit, which is something he sometimes does.




Nope.  I was completely surprised to feel him put the Hitachi on my clit while I laid there.  Biting my nipples and teasing me with the violet wand a little, I got close to a second orgasm.  I didn’t actually cum though until he pinched my nose off and didn’t let me breathe.  It was all just so perfect and I was a very lucky kitty to get a second orgasm indeed!

But of course, after that he took my bonds off and didn’t tell me to get up, so I took a little rest on the blanket.  Master came over and he snuggled me.  It was so great, and I am just so grateful.

Thank you, Master. <3