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Things have been okay over here.  Nothing too crazy, (or fun), but nothing really bad either.  Picked up a bit of food poisoning the other day (yuck) but I’m feeling a bit better so I’ll take it.  At least it was pretty mild and I’m sure I’ll be fine in a couple of days.

Master has been on-call and it’s been a nightmare.  Normally, he’ll only be on-call for a week, but all new hires get put on-call for a month initially so that they can get as much exposure as possible to the issues.  It sounds okay in theory, but Master is barely sleeping.  Every now and then he’ll have a quiet night, but he’s still getting several calls a day.  I mean, he has to look after forty hospitals, so there’s a lot that can go wrong.  Still, it’s obvious to me that he’s enjoying this job a lot better than any other one I’ve ever seen him at.  There’s a lot more systems he’s involved with, so every call and problem is interesting, and I think he enjoys that a lot.  Fingers beyond crossed they keep him when the contract ends.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I wasn’t too excited about it because I figured Master would have to be on-call for it.  Well, he will be on-call, but he got someone who will cover 6-10PM so that we can celebrate.  Then, the calls will be funneled back to him, but this has me excited!  Even if we sit in the house and make faces at each other for four hours, that is four hours of uninterrupted time.  Yay!  I already got my birthday present, but I’ll get my birthday dinner, and some time together, so I’m already excited.  Yay!  To make things even better, the swelling in my tongue is pretty much gone and I’m eating (almost) anything I wanna eat now.  That was much faster than last time, but I think this particular piercer just had better technique.  I know it isn’t healed yet, so I’m not doing anything stupid with it, but at least eating isn’t a chore.

A few nights ago Master masturbated on my tits, and when he was done, I could tell he was going to have me lick it up and clean his cock off with my tongue (which he does a lot, no complaints here), but then I saw him think better of it.  We have about another month before we can kiss and do sexy stuff with the new metal, but it’ll be well worth it.  Even better is that Master will not be on-call anymore starting next Friday.  I can tell he’s missing sleep.

8 thoughts on “5-13-2015

  1. Hope you have a wonderful birthday, I’m sure those 4 hours will be super precious to you both.
    Really hope the food poisoning clears up soon. *hugs*

  2. Happy Happy Birthday to you!!!!!! May you have a fantastic day Kitty!! And I’m so glad to hear that he likes his job. Hang in there Master Pravus!! You’ve got this!!

    1. Thank you @Joyce C! I really appreciate it. 🙂 Can’t wait for Master to get home so celebrations can begin.

  3. Happy Birthday Kitty!!! i hope you had a wonderful day!! Lots and lots of hugs and kisses from everyone here!! =)

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