Shiny Black Paws

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We don’t have a lot of room in our house.  Sadly, that means we can’t leave a kitty nest out like we used to.  The kitty nest is actually something Master started when we first started going out, and it’s something that’s important to him, so he’s been having me make a new one every night, and break it down before bed.  I only set it up after we’re done working for the day and we’re going to relax/play/dick around/whatever because it kind of gets in the way and makes a mess of the front room.  Since I got really sick last week though, Master let me keep it up for a couple days since we don’t need to go anywhere and also it’s kind of way too much work for me this sick.  It’s one of those things where if I take it down, I don’t think I could put it back together.  I’ve had next to no energy.

I had gotten up last night to use the bathroom and refill my drink.  Master looked over at me, and told me to get in my kitty nest, so I did.



He brought some bondage tape and a pair of EMT scissors over with him, and then he told me to give him one of my hands.  I’ve done this a time or two, so I was pretty sure I knew what we were doing.  After my hands were both tightly bound into little fist-paws, Master stood up and got a dangly toy on a stick.  He started swinging it towards me.

Of course, because of item #12 on this list, I was obligated to ignore the thing for a minute or two.

“I’m teasing Pygmalion’s tail!” Master told me.  (I was looking the other way)

That had done it.  As soon as I saw the toy on Pygmalion’s tail, I couldn’t resist pouncing and playing with it.

Dongalor saw me at some point, and he tried to get in on the action too.  Hey, no way, kitty!  That’s MY toy right now.  He he he.




I don’t know how long I pounced and teased the toy, but it was fun.  I caught it, and Master “fought” with me to get it back.  I had no thumbs, he didn’t have to try too hard.

I kind of crouched there for a little bit once I got tired.  I was pressing my paws together to hear the soft crinkly sound they make.  Master teased me a bit about how I could never resist crinkly sounds before he cut my paws off with the scissors.




I always hate to see them go, but I hope I get to have paws again soon.