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We were doing a bit of cupping the other night, and Master was getting really proud of his work.  The point of cupping is basically to bruise you.  If you don’t mark, it means you don’t need to be cupped anymore.  Of course, you can still do it even if you don’t mark (many people, like me, enjoy the pain from the cups, or find the sensation relaxing, or they do it for humiliation or for a hundred other reasons) but in traditional Chinese medicine, it means that you didn’t need a cupping at that point in time.  The more cupping you do, the less you will bruise with time.

We don’t do cupping for Chinese medicine reasons, however, Master was still proud.  We have been pretty diligent with the cups lately and neither of us really thought my skin would get to the point where it wasn’t bruising!  Once Master took the cups off of my bottom half, he put them up on my top half as you can see.  There’s probably about six decent bruises there.  With time they probably will stop bruising too.  That’s some pretty damn good progress though.