Smooth, Ridged and Nubby

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The Magic Wand Original is something I’ve enjoyed for years now.  It’s one of my favorite vibrators, and so naturally I was excited to try out the Pop Tops from GoodVibes.  When I was approached and asked if any of these tops looked good to me, I answered yes!  Imagine my surprise when they all showed up.  Thank you so much GoodVibes, what a treat!


The Pop Tops are made by Pleasure Works, and they are all made with body safe silicone.  There are three styles: Smooth, Ridged, and Nubby.  These caps are designed to fit most wand style vibrators, offering you a change of pace or an easier-to-sterilize head.

I am not a person who likes a lot of texture in my toys in general, so while I was excited to try out the Smooth and Ridged toys, I wasn’t sure if the Nubby would be something I would enjoy at all.  Still, I gave them all a whirl and this is what I thought.


For starters, I found that they were all hard to get on and off the wand I have.  The only full-sized wand vibrator I own is the Magic Wand Original.  I found that all of the tops did fit perfectly fine, but they were difficult to get on.  I was only able to get the Ridged one on without any help.  Master had to put the other ones on for me.  I was unable to get any of them off of the Hitachi without help.  Good thing I know someone with strong hands!

Secondly, I found that they were all prone to holding onto dust and dander.  While silicone itself tends to lend itself to collecting lint, these were some really bad offenders.  I found that the hardest one to keep lint-free after I cleaned it was the Ridged cap.  The Nubby and Smooth followed.  The Smooth and Nubby caps are matte finish, while the Ridged cap is shiny, and I think that is part of why it holds onto more lint.  Even when rinsing the cap directly before using it I found it was almost impossible to keep stray hairs off of it.  The only way to keep it totally clean was to get a fresh hand towel and wrap it around the top of the toy and put it next to the bed for when we were ready to use it.

All of these are very easy to clean.  You can use soap and water, a toy cleaner, a 10% bleach solution, put them in the top rack of your dishwasher, or boil them.


Here’s a shot of the Smooth cap on the Magic Wand Original.  It shows you how thick the cap itself is.  All of them are about the same thickness, with the Ridged cap having a bit of a thin spot on the very top.  This isn’t a concern during play, and I am sure it will not tear (it’s not that thin), it’s just for a texture change.  Since the caps are so thick, they do dull the Wand itself and they also help cut the sound down a bit.  Make no mistake though, the Magic Wand Original is a very noisy toy even with the cap, and it’s still not something that will help if discretion is important to you.  If you already love your wand though, this might help add a bit of ambiance to a noisy session.

I found that adding any of the caps to the head of the wand made the wand even more top-heavy.  As things stand, I have a hard time holding the wand for long periods of time (but it’s not much of an issue, because I’ve never needed it for long periods of play) and when I add any one of the caps it makes it a little more awkward to aim. It’s not too awful, and it becomes less of a problem once you get a couple of practice sessions in, but it is something to be aware of.


When I use my Magic Wand Original, I never use lube.  I find that the head is smooth enough on its own as an external vibrator and I never need anything for comfort.  However, with the caps, I found that I needed a bit of lube with the Smooth and Nubby caps because of the matte texture.  They provide a decent amount of drag, and I didn’t find it was easy to slide them against the skin because of this.  If you choose to use a lubricant, make sure it is water based.  Silicone lubes can degrade silicone toys.

In use, I found the Smooth to be a bit too basic for me.  Instead of being easy to glide, it provides a lot of drag and I wasn’t very thrilled.  It’s not a bad texture, but I hate to have to get out the lube for this when I didn’t need any to begin with.  The Ridged was my second favorite, and I do find the ridges to feel nice against my vulva and clit.  It provides a bit of excitement from an otherwise non-textured toy.  The fact that it is so hard to keep lint free is a bit of a turn off for me, though.  My favorite was by far the Nubby.  While I didn’t think I would like the Nubby cap at all, the little balls you see are very soft and I never felt like I was playing with something that was uncomfortable.  Having tried (and not liking) studded condoms in the past, I had thought that this would be the same, but it wasn’t.  It was really cool feeling against my skin and I loved having the Nubby against my clit.

Overall, I was pleased with these toys, but other than the Nubby, I don’t find myself reaching for these very often.  With a partner I enjoy the easy of cleaning and thus the ability to share my wand.  However, the difficult removal and set up makes me hesitate when I’m playing solo.

I’m going to give these three paws:



Thank you so much, GoodVibes, for allowing me the opportunity to try out these caps in exchange for an honest and fair review.