Daily Mew #75

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I tried to take today’s mew with Pygmalion, but Applepig got jealous and had to join in.

Master took this photo for me. I’ve been trying not to do selfies for my Daily Mew (just because variety) but being stuck in bed still has made for a lot of selfies. So Master helped me.

I’m in a very bad way today. We were up until 4AM trying to fix my ostomy. I was in do much pain I was crying hysterically. I can only recall one or two other times in my life that I have ever been in this much pain. Last night my pain level was an 8.5 (I could barely move except to cry) and we nearly went to the ER. I know they can’t help my ostomy but I was desperately hoping for pain management. I have also missed my last two infusions and am badly dehydrated. My palpitations are through the roof. I have nearly fainted several times. If I actually faint, we will go straight to the ER. My temperature is still there but steady at about 100.0, so nothing to do for it other than continue the Tylenol & ibuprofen.

It’s the anniversary of the day we met and it should be a happy day. We are trying but I feel awful.