Daily Mew #87

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I worked on the Mewtique today! Not for very long (a little over a half hour) but I’m pretty pleased with the fact that I made it all the way back into the sewing room.

I had to reorganize things a bit (we had piled a couple things on my desk) and then I looked around for the fabric I wanted and cut a pair of ears out. Talk about slow work! Still, I did it. Maybe tomorrow I’ll sew these together. We’re planning a walk (to tolerance) so we’ll see how much energy that leaves me with.

For the time being Master has decided that if I leave the sewing room because I am too tired to keep going, it’s game over for sewing that day. However, if I perk up I may still crochet. So, I’m done with sewing today but I’m pleased with any progress no matter how small.