Daily Mew #89

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Well, hiya there!

Today is Sunday, and it’s going okay.  I’m very tired, but I’m moving along over here.  =^^=

I’ve been working on my Mewtique.  Specifically, I’ve been working on a pattern for ostomy covers.  I do plan to add some to the store (Why not?  After all, if I like the ones I make, maybe others will too.) but also I only have one and since I wear it every time I leave the house as well as every time we have playtime together, more than one would be kind of nice.  I plan to do rhinestone and sequined ones too, but for now I’m just working on basic cotton and stretch cotton.  Gotta get the pattern down before I go embellishing!

It took me quite a bit of time to get up and going today (four and a half hours!) because I felt completely exhausted from yesterday.  I can’t believe how much that Zoo walk wiped me out.  We plan to go back next week weather permitting, but we plan to limit our time a lot more and try to leave before I’m wrecked.  Movement is good for me, but there’s a limit because I’m definitely still recovering.

I also made my monthly YouTube Vlog.

I’m really not entirely sure what’s going on with me today.  I’ve been dealing with chills and feeling feverish.  Hopefully it passes soon.  Ick.