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“Do you feel up for some cupping?” Master asked me.  I’ve been feeling really ill all week.  I’ve been handling it, but I even had to take a sick day the other day because I was just that ill.  He didn’t want to do something like cupping if I wasn’t going to be able to hold myself up or something.

“Yes, Master.”

It’s funny, but I was actually thinking recently that I wish we would do some cupping because we hadn’t done any in a while.  Sex, yes – cupping, no.  I hadn’t mentioned anything to him.  Cupping is a lot more work on his end than it is on mine so I don’t normally bring it up, unless he asks specifically if there’s something I’ve been wanting to do.  Still, this was a happy surprise for me!

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This session Master used twelve cups, which I actually only know because I counted them in the pictures afterwards.  Ha!  I got pretty floaty pretty quickly when he started applying them, and I didn’t keep track.  He started putting them on my low back and worked his way up to my neck.

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Once he got them all on, he started working his fingers in me, teasing my pussy.  I didn’t get any cock this session but I love getting fingered too.  After a while he took the cups off and he had me flip over.

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He let me have Alistair, and he played with me from behind while I worked myself to orgasm.  It was very hot.


After we were done in the bedroom, he had me come kneel in the other room so he could get a picture of my back.  I wonder how the bruises will come in.  Actually, one of the cups made me bleed a little, which has never happened before…  At least, not without using the needle that comes with the kit!  We were doing dry cupping this time, so that was a surprise.  It wasn’t much blood, but still- crazy!

Thank you Master for spoiling me with some cupping.  I’m a lucky slave, indeed!

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