New Rule: Masturbate Daily

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“I think you’re pushing too hard again.  You need more rest time.”

It kind of startled me, and I felt a little affronted.  I feel like I’ve been trying very, very hard not to overdo it.  I’ve been making the effort to not do anything work related at all until I’m completely awake and up during the day.  I’ve been taking breaks from my chores and while I’m still finishing them, I’m taking a bit longer to do them because I stop when I’m light headed or otherwise ill and then I go back to them later.

“I’ve been really careful and trying to take breaks and everything!”

“I know you have.  I’ve decided that I want you to start masturbating every day while I’m at work.”

“Yes, Master.”

He told me he doesn’t care how I do it, except that I need to send him a note letting him know when I do it and that he wants me to use something insertable in my cunt.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a dildo, vibrator or whatever.  I’m also free to use any other toys I want: clamps, suction, whatever.  I just need to play with myself once per day before I do any work when he’s not home.  We’ve never had a rule that restricted me from playing with myself, and Master has always encouraged me to masturbate because (in his words)

“I like the thought of you at home touching yourself while I’m at work.”

Still, it has never been an actual mandatory rule until now.  So, it has only been a couple of days, but this isn’t a hard rule to forget.  We’ll just see how it goes.  The only major concern I have is packages.  We get a lot of packages mainly because we have to order supplies for Gob online, and I get them at various times during the month.  I’m always careful about being dressed during the day because of this, and now I’m going to be a little bit nervous about the post man showing up when I’m in the middle of playing with myself.  I don’t want to miss the door because I’m masturbating!  Master says that it’ll probably happen eventually and he won’t blame me if it does.  I can’t just jump up and get the door, and he’s not worried about having to go down to the post office the next day.  So, my “fear” is a bit silly.

So far Master seems to be enjoying it.  I do not hate it, but I do feel a bit guilty about it.  I always feel guilty when Master is at work and I’m not doing chores or working myself, but I’ve always felt that way.  Still, it isn’t as though this is a task that takes me six hours to accomplish.  I’m sure I’ll get better at handling the guilt with time.