Daily Mew #492

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Today was completely awful and stupid.  We missed an entire day of work and I did not get to see my cardiologist due to a scheduling mix up on the end of the schedulers.  They apologized for their error, but it does not give us back the day of flower delivery we could have otherwise had.  Master was pretty pissed.  I was none too pleased.  I have to go back Tuesday now, and I do not really want to have to tell that to the flower Boss Lady.  She’s going to be a bit grumpy after us missing three days already for doctor’s appointments.  :/

Instead of being a grumpy curmudgeon all damned day we opted to take a small part of our unexpected day off and go to the Zoo!  (Wherever else?)  The rest of the day was spent doing rather adulty things, of course.  Here I am being a bit silly in the “I <3 Denver Zoo” sign.  Hehe.  Extra good news for tomorrow’s post though.  Keep an eye out.

=^^=  I do enjoy good news, don’t you?  Of course you do!