Daily Mew #536

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Completely exhausted.  I don’t have my normal energy back at all.  We ran errands today and were gone for five hours.  I feel completely wiped out.  Amazing what a few minor errands will do.  I tried so hard not to use my wheelchair, but now I’m completely trashed so I don’t know if I really “won” or not.  :/  Really.  It’s hard recovering from surgeries.  Energy is always the last thing to come back I think and that’s not helped by the gastroparesis.

My port was very unruly this week.  We called the nurse asking for help and she didn’t respond at all to our phone message.  We figured she might have some advice or something but how can she if she doesn’t return our call?  Reson 1,000 we were unimpressed with this nurse.  So, Master and me had no choice but to try again this morning and thankfully we got it on the first try!  Of course, we missed three times last night before we were forced to take a break.  I’m just grateful I was able to run my fluids today but so unimpressed with the nurse.  We have thought about calling and requesting a new nurse so many times but this whole nursing company has so little experience with ports that it seems useless.  We would probably just get someone else just as bad.  It’s still frustrating though.  We are very new to this after all!

Master Pravus is mowing the lawn right now and I’m trying to get a bit of rest in before I have to wash my hair.  So tired.