Daily Mew # 554

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We were out doing our normal errands and there was an unexpected toy store on the route.  We thought there might be fidget spinners in there so we stopped off real quick.   Master told me I could poke around a bit while he asked if there were any spinners.  Of course, they were out of stock.  Boo!  I do have one at home but all my trick practicing means I nearly broke it once already so we need to be careful.  Plus I want another one that I can mod.  I don’t want to mod my Hello Kitty one.

After Master found out that they were out of spinners guess which aisle he found me in? Ha ha.  The plushies!  My heart’s true toy desire I guess.  LOL.  He was laughing so hard seeing the pony and hedgehog in my hands.  No, I didn’t get to keep either one of them, but Master did admit that the hedgehog was very cute.  Hehe.  He instantly started taking pictures the minute he found me! I couldn’t stop laughing!