First Snow.. New House Edition!



Woke up yesterday, and guess what??  It was snowing hard!  I love the snow so much, so of course I got on my phone, went to my Couple app and told Master it was snowing here at home.  He got all excited because it’s the first snow at our new house.  Tee hee.  Of course, the first snow in our new place definitely deserves a picture.  I snapped this shot of the back yard.  That’s not our whole back yard, just a little snippet.  We do have a pretty big yard but right now it’s an empty dirt plot (except for the shed that’s also not pictured).  Yeah, it’ll be a lot of work to do anything with it, but right now it has so much potential.  And, as Master points out, it’s our dirt plot.  Any dirt plot immediately seems better when you own it, somehow.  Yeah, we’re still on a homeowner high.

Now that the snow and cold temps are here, it really feels like the holidays are coming.  We’ve spent the last few weeks at fairly warm temperatures.  I didn’t even need a jacket most places.  Hearing X-mas music when it’s seventy degrees outside is just weird, you know?  I can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving.

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