Those silly Masters

Last night, Master and me were playing.  He told me to kneel in front of him, and I got up to obey.  Before I kneeled down, he said “Oh wait!  Here’s a pillow so you don’t hurt your knees.”

I totally laughed at him, and threw the pillow behind me.  I never ever complain that I don’t like kneeling because it hurts, or because I’m bruised or anything like that, so I thought it was funny as hell that he offered me a pillow.  I like kneeling.  I like having bruised knees the next day if I’ve been down there a long time.  I like having abrasions, burns, welts, blood dots, rug burns, cuts, etc, etc, etc.  After being with Master for nearly 6 years, and never having him offer me a pillow, I had to laugh.

I love funny weird totally “Where the hell did that come from?” moments.  lol

Gotta love those silly Masters.  ^^