PRESSIE!! =^^=

Yesterday, while I was playing some Mass Effect on the couch, a package came!  I wasn’t expecting anything, so it hit me that this could be the Valentine’s Day present Master bought for me.  Being a good kitty, I didn’t open it.  In the past, I’ve been really bad around presents and if it had my name on it, I’ve kinda sorta opened them when no one was looking.  I’m turning over a new leaf though, and this year I didn’t even look sideways at my Christmas presents.  I wasn’t about to break that now. ^^

When Master came home, he opened up the brown box to reveal a blue one underneath!  I asked him if I could read the card.  Reading the card isn’t opening it, right?  And if he gave me permission, it’s not me misbehaving.  lol. ;)  Damn, I’m mischievous.  So anyway, he let me open the card.  ^^

“The day I met you was the luckiest day in my life. XXX OOO, Master”

Awe! ^^  The day we met WAS Valentine’s day.  I totally melted.  We put the box aside, and he told me he was going to hide it after dinner.

Pressie! <3

After dinner, Master said he wanted to give me the present now.  He said “Would you be unhappy if I give you your present now?”

I got a mischievous grin on my face and said “Are you still bringing me out for dinner?”

He laughed, and said yes.  Then he jumped in the shower.  (He just got home, and was planning on getting in the shower anyway).  While he was in there, I ran around the house super quick and put on the nightie he picked out for me from Victorias Secret.  ^^  I had been in pajamas before that.  When he got out of the shower he gave me my present!  I knew what it was going to be, since he dropped a couple hints a few weeks ago.

The box! :D

Okay, let me just say that Master and me both laughed hardcore when we saw the box.  Yeah.  Seriously?  Do you really think most people use the Hitachi Magic Wand on their shoulder muscles?!  *laughs*  Actually, it came with a diagram of where the G spot is.  lol.  Seriously, and the whole thing was written in Engrish.

I was so excited!  Before we played with it, I had to give it a name.  ALL of my toys have names.  I can’t fuck something that doesn’t have a name.  ^^ I named it Alistair, after a character in Dragon Age I have a crush on.  Yes, I am a total geek. ;)

Happy, happy kitty!


Of course we “tried it out” :))  I have to say, this magic wand is AWESOME!  I came so fast my head was spinning.  It’s a really big and heavy unit that you plug into the wall.  I had no idea how heavy it was looking at pictures of it online, but man it IS heavy.  I can’t wait to try out the attachments, but we were being conservative since I’m still recovering.

So yes, if you don’t have a Hitachi, get one.  This thing is awesome.  I’m not going to be using it in my private video chats though.  This is for me and Master only.  <3